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THIS JUST IN! Airgun Channel's NOMAD Dead of Unknown Causes


You just have to treat your compressor as one of the tools you cannot do without. 

Because you cannot do without the compressor you have to keep a eye on it. Dont walk away, I don't think you are aware, but crap happens to you when you don't pay attention. It happens to all of us. But for you it happens more often (seems like all the time) because you don't pay attention as much as others normally would. 

I'm sure others have said this but you need to grow up, and take care of things that are important to you. That means actually understanding how things work as well so you can repair it yourself. Your not useless, you just think you are.

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I've bought the original AV when they first came out.. first one lasted 30 days, after replacement, I've lost track , 4 or 5 years and 100's of fills! I have the Tuxting Chinese portable compressor for around 3 years. Dont use it a lot. Probably 50 fills ( guns only). No problems with either!
Trucker3573 - "No one absolutely no one will ever convince me these pcp compressors are nothing more than junk destined to fail". You are correct, I had one and it did.

$600-$800 is a lot to pay for a piece of equipment with ZERO backing from the manufacturer. As a matter of interest, does anyone know who the manufacturer of the NOMAD is?

Reminds me of when I use to make fishing lurers and sell them at flea markets. I would tell my customers they were scientifically designed to go straight to the bottom and hang up - they bought them anyway.
Probably Tuxing. The general design, layout, and details of the Nomad 2 are virtually identical to the TXET062 12V compressor I have. Mine has a cylinder head temp gauge instead of a load meter, a black housing instead of the Nomad's faux carbon fiber, plainer buttons, and no disco lighting. But that's about it. And the Tuxing cost less.
$600-$800 is a lot to pay for a piece of equipment with ZERO backing from the manufacturer. As a matter of interest, does anyone know who the manufacturer of the NOMAD is?


Temp sensor would be more important to have than power meter.

I agree. 

I ordered a Yong Heng. You will see it on my channel. I will probably try and run it for 10 minutes at a time...not 20 minutes like before. And I will hook it straight to my gun, unless I'm taking my tanks to the forest. 

AV will be hooking me up with a replacement NOMAD or maybe the big one. 

Thanks for all the great advice guys! I appreciate all your posts! -Nate 
As long as water flow is good enough, Yong Heng should be able to run for more than 20 minutes. The little air cooled stuff is all maximum 15 minutes and then 15 to 30 minutes rest period. There are some oiling requirements on the air cooled too, pure silicone oil in through the intake for my Benjamin. Just a couple of drops every few fills, but I often go more frequently because it seems to sound better.
OK, I thought 20 minutes would be not excessive. I could do 10 minute run times. Do you think that would be OK? 

I realy want my Yong Heng to fill my SCBA tank...but maybe I should stop that.

20 min isn't excessive IMO. I filled two SCBA tanks today from 3000 to 4000+. I've had good luck with my YH so far, but I am careful to not overfill the oil, change it when it gets dark and watch my temps. Overfilling the oil will foul the reed valves.

My latest trick is to one-shot the cooling water to keep temps down. I was dumping ice into the bucket, but that was tough to keep up, and used a LOT of ice. So, now instead of recirculating water (my water bucket is 2 gal size) I just fill the bucket and the outlet out of the compressor goes down the drain instead of back into the bucket. I'm guessing I use ~4 gal water per fill, and i'm on a well and septic so no big deal with the cost of water. Besides it's like flushing a toilet a couple of times. Anyway, this keeps my temps at 128° F, which is well below the max of 140°F.

There is a bit of cooldown between bottles, but that is just kinda natural as I have to switch bottles, fillers, etc. I just leave the cooling pump run and the temps go back down into the 80-90 range. Then i'm good to go again. So far, so good.
My Nomad II died after just 8 months. I bought all new rings and a HP piston to repair it and it still wouldn't fill to more than 3,000 psi. I bought a Hong Yeng a few months ago for less than $200 on fleabay. That thing just works. It's loud. It needs a bucket of water to cool. It's ugly. But that thing just works and pumps up my 4,500 psi bottle guns in 1/10th the time the Nomad did. And if it dies I'll buy another.
Hey guys. Do these things come with a warranty? This one was a loan. I'm just curious if someone in my situation would get a replacement NOMAD. It lasted about 4 months. 1 month longer than the Orange one from Talon Tunes. 

I changed the hose O-rings at both ends and the burst disk. Both bleed valves tightened. I also put 2-3 drops of pure silicone oil in the oil port every 5 fills. 

Here is my MAX pressure after 20-30 minutes and the LOAD is 14.5...should be about 25 if under pressure. 


I am airless again...it's only happened 12 times now. ...no...literally 12 times in a row the PCP compressor breaks. Including the $1400 Benjamin Recharge. I'm not spending $4k on a compressor. I would buy a $4k .22 firearm before I do that...and quit PCP of course. 

Am I missing something? I would love to fix it. Thanks -Nate

The solution is a visit to Walmart. You can purchase a Hatsan or other small gun fill only compressor with a 3 year extended warranty for around a total of $350 bucks. Run it until it dies and return it to Walmart and purchase another one with the extended warranty. As it takes them around six weeks or so to resolve the situation, this way you can just keep trading them. You will always have one working.

As for your problem it sounds like the internal motherboard has a defect. Not sure if they will send you one or require it shipped to them. And shipping that thing is not cheap, about 60 bucks each way. I had two of them, one died just past the warranty, I sold the other one on this site with full disclosure, this thing will die, it is only a matter of time, I will sell it to you only with that understanding.

From using a bulk nitrogen bottle to various compressors I found this to be the best and cheapest solution. I have one FX PCP left and as soon as that sells I am done. I prefer a grab and go HW springer. 


The symptoms are the same, so you may be seeing what happened with my Tuxing version. The original HP line from the cylinder head to the output block developed a hairline crack at a bend and they sent me a new line under warranty. That one eventually developed a crack/leak in virtually the same spot. I obtained two more lines a couple of weeks ago and have noticed that the new lines are somewhat (3/8 to 1/2 ") longer than the two older ones. Those had to be slightly stretched during installation (they contain a coiled section), and the new ones didn't, so that hopefully will ameliorate the cracking.
For a long term Pcp fill source check out some of the used air driven booster pumps on ebay. max pro and Haskell are pretty nice. These are commercial unit s made to last and you can rebuild. If you get into big bores you can to the higher 5500 psi fills with Scott 5.5 tanks. I currently run a yong heng and have rebuild it once with good results. Good luck
Why is it that some of us who have "cheap Chinese crap" are going on 2 or 3 years with nary a major mishap? The basic rules I've followed have served me well for the couple years I've had my Yong Heng. Those rules being: A) It's Chinese crap. Accept that & treat it as such. B) NEVER fill a tank from EMPTY if not absolutely necessary (mainly topping off). C) NEVER let the compressor get within 15 degrees (Farenheit) of max. D) NEVER run compressor more than 15 minutes at a time under pressure without a cool off break. E) Change oil & water @ regulator intervals. F) Run fans on front & back of unit. G) NEVER, EVER start or stop compressorunder pressure. & finally, H) NEVER fill tanks past 4250psi even though they're SUPPOSED TO fill to 4500. In other words, BABY it, treat it kindly, don't ask it to do what a $4,000 compressor can do in 15 minutes. Guys who are impatient about fill time, uncaring about routine maintenance & have unreal expectations about a Chinese compressor's capability are probably going to run into trouble. When I 1st read your post I asked myself "what's the least common denominator here?" but I don't know you or how you've treated them & maybe you've just had sh-t luck! If so, I'm sorry for your experiences but that is an inordinate amount of compressors for any one person to have die on them without looking at the PERSON'S methodology as opposed to the equipment!