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Then there was one less starling

Okay disclaimer, it was two starling but one fell into the manure stream as they were flushing the paddock so well, thus one. 


  • Shadow (177 Uragan Compact)
  • jsb 10.34 gr Heavies
  • 875 fps
  • 17.6 fpe
  • Athlon talos 4x14x44 BTR
  • From a 270 bar to 160 bar 75 shots

Today I went out to a permission about 30 min from me one a beautiful sunny day. After picking up donuts (never show up without them) I said my hellos and got to work. 

The birds were skittish and I found out why, another airgunner had been there the day before, so I got left overs and there wasn’t much. All the pigeons were gone and so some sparrows and starlings. I was able to connect with a total of three but one was a fly off. 

Anyways, being out beats being at home and I needed to say farewells for 3 weeks from now I start the new journey East to New Hampshire and working for a client in Boston. Plus I did some target shooting and plinking pebbles.

The starling was taken at about 30 yards and the pellet was a clean pass through. Tomorrow I might try to get to the range and try some hades. I didn’t mess with the Makos on this trip. 

The only good European starling North America is a dead one, so bit by bit I’m trying to do my part. 



Apr 13, 2020
CA, United States
    Nice shooting from your new rig, keep up the good fight! Hades are most accurate and brutal hunting pellet I tried, you won’t be disappointed. If hades can drop a 2lb fox squirrel at shooting only 10FPE then they will wreck little starlings. 177 Hades even has sale POI and BC as the 10.3 so you don’t have to change a thing on your gun.
    @qball I had really good luck with Hades in Glimmer before she was stolen aka Prophet Performance Compact. Yes, Hades do leave a pop, and less pass through. Hopefully, I can hit another close by permission next week.

    @douger thanks, and after so long wanting a Uragan Compact I can safely say I am not disappointed at all. It is a robust platform. My only issue is the magazine, it is hold sensitive, meaning that depending on how I hold the gun can interfere with pellet / slug cycling properly.

    @buckyusn thanks, in July I will get a proper bipod, not a Chinese knockoff.

    @l.leon than, I am very happy with Shadow, very sturdy and no flex at all. Honestly, Shadow makes the Glimmer, the Prophet Compact, almost elegant in come ways in comparison.

    @dond70f thanks, I am really enjoy it.

    @sqwirlfugger Thanks and I will continue the battle one skirmish at a time.