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The Winner of the Kalibrgun Cricket II package is...

Hi guys I’ve been busy making my own wood check piece for the compact cricket ll and also building small slugs that preform really good for this gun. I am using a 19.1 gr. hollow point with a length of 0.3185 which is making a 5/8 MOA at 75 yds and I’ve not done any velocity tuning yet 
Steve, you and Micheal have really done something special for me. Even before it arrived, I was so shocked to be fortunate to win something of such high quality.
I have a renewed interest in air rifles (mainly because of PCPs). 

The fellowship you bring to the sport is what got my attention. The Review got me reading other members info. Reading everything I can. I love it, and can’t stop.

I have been subscribed to both of your sites. Keep the videos coming.

Thank you for the new adventure