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The winner of the Hatsan NeutronStar is...


Staff member
Mar 25, 2015
Dripping Springs, Texas, USA
    Airgun Nation member jscaban with his very 1st post ūüėȬ†CONGRATULATIONS John!!

    The winning number was 1236.51, jscaban guessed 1236.62, and the runner up was gh6airgunner with 1236.66 


    Many thanks to Hatsan USA, Optisan Sport Optics, JSB/Predator, H&N Sport, FX Hybrid, Nielsen Specialty Ammo, DonnyFL, and PatchWorm!!

    On behalf of the entire airgun community… We appreciate you!

    -Michael & Steve

    Watch & Discuss the Hatsan NeutronStar !!!

    AEAC video ‚Äď Hatsan NeutronStar .22 ‚Äď SLUG MONGER!!

    AEAC's got a Neutron Star! Whose ready for pics, vids, & an RDW!!!