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The Winner of the FX Maverick Package is...

I figured I'd give you guys a little update. I now have ALL the bits and gun set up and shooting. I got to take to the "range" today, and I put my standard .22 slug tune on it. I set it up to shoot the NSA 31.2 grain slugs in .218 around 950-960 fps. It didn't disappoint, and I was tagging cans from 200 yards all the way up to 365 yards! The Element Titan tracked great on the big dial ups required for those 300+ yard targets, and the Donnyfl Ronin kept things super quiet. Thanks again to Airgun Nation and all the sponsors that made this contest happen, and still can't believe I won it! Here's a picture of it all set up and ready to do some long range plinking. The dog doesn't seem to really care, lol! Happy shooting guys!!