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The Winner of the AirMaks Katran package is...


Apr 9, 2021
    Congrats to the winner, and THX to the people involved in raising the prize.

    Now please.... pretty please do something where we euro boys can also participate.

    I would love to win any accessory for a air rifle, CUZ what i have and so dont need i will be able to donate to my friend which have a basic setup on his cutlass.

    Hell if i could win a .177 that would be just fine too, i dont think i would need a permit to receive something like that in the mail as it is unlicensed here.

    But i would also kill ( rats ) with winning an nice night scope, my own kit are DIY and 10 years old.
    Not sure how I could have been that good @TXPlinker, so I'll have to make up for lost time.

    Very excited about the setup, talking with @michael & Steve about the suppressor options. It's hard to decide between a tried-and-true @donnyfl Sumo or the new Fatboy 2.0. What do you guys think? 

    @utah-airguns already shipped my pellet order of both JSB and @hn-sport pellets so ammunition should not be in short supply. 

    Merry Christmas everyone! 
    Merry Christmas! 

    The Katran is due to ship after the holidays, so no sitting around a random dock getting lost. (I hear it's on Steve's mantle just over from his tree, but that's a totally unsubstantiated rumor--though that's where I'd put it.)

    As awesome as Christmas Eve was, and as much as I loved putting lead down range when it wasn't otherwise occupied, I went to sleep dreaming of the Katran and how much fun it's going to be. Though it won't have Christmas wrapping paper that's one less layer and that much sooner it'll be free of the packaging @n3rdv !

    The range had four visitors Thursday, eight on Christmas Eve, and so far two on Christmas Day.