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The Winner of the AirMaks Katran package is...

Airgun Nation

Staff member
Aug 24, 2020
Colorado, United States

    AGN member WI_Hedgehog with the closest guess of $2160.01 (only $2.78 off) !!! 

    Coming in a very close race was Rich_B and lloyd0161 ($2.84 off, and $3.23 off).

    Let's give a HUGE shout-out to Utah Airguns, AirMaks Arms, DonnyFL, Sportsmatch Rings UK., JSB/Predator International, H&N Sport, and Patchworm 20/20 Concepts. We appreciate you soooo much!

    Catch all of the AirMaks Katran comparisons, videos and discussion topics here:

    AGN & AEAC Share n' Compare

    AEAC vlog (with co-host Michael Wendt)

    AEAC full video review
    If this isn't an exciting AGN development I don't know what is

    As an avid reader and member of AGN I'm elated to be the winner of the @AirMaksArms Katran package--I had previously saved the contest rig details because the setup is exactly the "awesome" I was looking for. Thank you guys, this is fantastic!

    So...the smallest airgun I possess is a Condor .25 set up as a slug gun with DonnyFL .25/.30 Emperor and I haven't shot a compact .22 PCP. Which DonnyFL suppressor would you suggest I choose for a compact, quiet rig focusing on maintaining accuracy? (yes, compact and quiet are competing, that's why I'm asking)

    Thank you @Utah-Airguns, this is really awesome. I'm going to have to order more pellets from you because...well, you know why.

    Thank you @HawkeOptics, I have one of your higher-end scopes and the glass is incredible. (also have their Pro covers, honeycomb filter, and a few other accessories--they're solid) Hawke's customer service is very responsive and helpful.

    Thank you @Sportsmatch, good glass needs to sit on a good base. Do these rings come with the integrated level? I guess we'll find out!

    Thank you @donnyfl. Donny has awesome customer service, passion, and his products are high-end (I have several, you should too!).

    JSB pellets??? I'll be one of the 22 people on the planet who has some! (until I shoot them all) Their quality has been consistently good, which is why they've been out of stock most places. (Utah Airguns has them in stock!)

    H&N ( @hn-sport ): I haven't owned a lot of these, but everything I own is exactly exact. Every...pellet...is...exactly...the...same. As such they like to punch through the same hole in the target, necessitating I move the target farther back to open up the groups. (Utah Airguns has these in stock too!)

    I've heard about @Patchworm cleaning kits, now I get to try one!

    Thank you @Michael & Steve of Airgun Nation; the site you built and maintain really brings members together. I love this place!

    katran rdw.1640116193.jpeg