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The slug market sure is heating up! 🔥

Shooting the NSA 17.5 from a PP700S-A .22cal.

Even for a 15FPE gun NSA slugs DO deliver the power... – I had some big birds DRT at 44 yards no prob!

And Nick of NSA is serving our airgun community by delivering high quality products with great customer service. Right in the US. At prices that beat anybody elses'. What's not to like about that?! 😄

Waiting to hear something on the .35 hybrids. Anybody heard any news of when they might be available? I heard a mention of them last year but now… crickets. My Impact doesn’t like the NSA 79 gr. I actually read where Nick said the reviews for them out of the Impact weren’t positive. Of course I read that after I bought some and tried them. C’est la vie. He did say the 93 gr were doing well out of the Impact tho. I have ordered the .35 Hades from Czech JSB. That was late January. Feb 27 and still waiting for them to arrive. Hope they get here before our Virginia March late doe season goes out. Yeah, I know what some will say but head shots rule. Within 50yds. 
Freedom Press? Way overpriced! 1) No need to have such a robust press to swage lead and I venture to say most air-gunners have metallic cartridge presses already 2) the dies are way overpriced. No justification for $200 per die when you can get carbide 2-3 die sets for a fraction of the cost. If someone here has a mill/CNC they can make and sell this AT A PROFIT for a lot less. Great idea though, could even see using a set up to make .223 bullets using lead cores and spent .22 rimfire cases. In fact, I think that is the origin of RCBS ( Rock Chucker Bullet Swage).

.357 Griffin LDC boat tail into shredded rubber pellet trap at 905 fps...I am pretty sure this will take down a coyote.
I just got threw reading this thread. I have been messing with coating my slugs with hi Tec coating that is showing some promise. That's in another thread & not why I posted 

here. But I started testing yesterday & this morning shooting different pellets I also coated against each other in my .22 Hatsan flash & to no surprised JB Exact heavy won 

Out. But I also tested 23 gr Javelin coated slug . I did not see anyone mention them? They shot right with the JB pellets & that is doing something. They maybe a .22 cal you

may also consider.