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The slug market sure is heating up! 🔥

In the past 2 years, I have produced over 30 pest elimination video shorts, and the PCP's that I have been using are:

  • .22 Caliber Brocock Commander HP
  • .22 Caliber FX DreamTack Compact 320mm STX Barrel
  • .22 Caliber FX Impact MKII 500mm STX Barrel
  • .22 Caliber FX Crown MKII 600mm Heavy Barrel

All of them have been flying the AVS 217 23 grain cup base hollow points and they are freaking laser beam accurate! Again all the videos show the results, very happy with the quality and consistancy.


Hi All, I’m using JSB .25 Knockout Mk2’s in my Daystate Red Wolf HP with excellent results. The snag is a friend gave me a couple of tins to try but I can’t get anymore in the U.K. or dealerships in Europe or a couple in the USA that I’ve tried. If anyone can point me to someone who can help or if anyone has some to sell I’d be very grateful. Thanks guys. Ian.
Yes the barrel is stock. No not tried the Nielsen’s as they also aren’t available in the U.K. ......well not from the suppliers I use. You know what it’s like that once you find a slug or pellet that mates so well with your gun then anything else is just second best. The Daystate Juggernauts are the same slug but they aren’t selling any at the moment due to the JSB factory’s delays in production.

the CZ barrels in 4 AGT ( Uraguns and Vulcans) guns that I’ve shot all shoot slugs as well or better than pellets for me. 

I recently won an an Argus 60 in .25 ( lothar barrel) and it shoots H&N 28 grain .249 better than pellets.

these are great options if I don’t want to buy extra barrels

I have been using slugs in my .25 Redwolf and my .25 M3 here in the UK and have found the following work great.

38G prohunters at 980 fps from a 700mm sup liner FX M3

33G zans 984 fps from a 700mm sup liner fx M3 ( pellet port)

39G wildman dish based from a 700mm sup liner fx M3

With my . 25 cal Redwolf i found that the following worked great also but at slower velocitys...who said you need to have them zinging at a million miles per hour to group sub moa at 100 yards??

38G prohunter slugs at 860fps.

33g zans at 820 fps.

How much tin can be in a slug. I was talking to Matt @ Matt's Bullets. I was looking for a 357 to go in my Veradium tuned Bulldog. He can put as little or as much tin in the mix as I want. I am looking for a headshot slug. A semi wadcutter. I want to hit small pigs and deer. I want penetration. I am not looking for a hollow point to take lung shots. Being a little hard can help penetration. But what is too hard for an airgun barrel. I was thinking something like this that should fit in the magazine.



I only have .64 hundredths of an inch to work with in the rotary magazine. I an trying to get the heavies slug possible. My gun is suppose to spit 185 grain at 952 fps. 165 grain at 971. I also want to reach out for target fun. 200 yards or so.