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The slug market sure is heating up! šŸ”„


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    Which slugs are you shooting out of which airgun with success?


    It is a good thread Michael as several pcp producers were /are reluctant to dig into slug capable barrels ( exept fx) becauseĀ ā€œ there are no companiesĀ producing consistent slugs for the airgun world ā€œ Well as you show,Ā and there are a few more good companies making slugs, meanwhile there is no excuse not to produce pcpā€™s well equipedĀ for slugĀ use. Let Ed from Edgun who is very progressive with his technical talents no longer be reluctant to dedicate his great rifles to slugs because there is no consistent suppply in the market as he once stated few years ago. As there is now plenty and pcp producers need to adapt. I would have bought a Kalibrfun, Edgun , Vulcan etc if I could rely on their designs/barrelsĀ to shoot slugs as good as fx superior barrels can. ā€¦ā€¦till now it seems a lotteryā€¦

    in favor of mentioned brands competing with FX I want to emphasize that they make super airguns ā€¦. Most of the time better/ more solid / less vulnerable than FX but less progressive in adjustability and ability to shoot slugs. And letā€™s face it ā€œ slugs have a bigger future than pelletsā€ ! ( maybe a thread title for discussionā€¦..šŸ˜‰
    I have been shooting hn 21 .217 the last 3 100 meter matches in my country.

    My bsa barreled taipan veteran standart shoots them at 275 ms, if maxed out at 120 bar huma reg it is 285 ms.

    Pretty good results the last contest:


    I got 1st in the unthetered class 2nd overal airrifle.


    Slugs are getting better!

    There are lot of fx out there.

    Regards, Robert.
    My Air Venturi Avenger 22cal has proven to really like three slugs in this order

    1. FX Hybrid - 22 grain
    2. H&N 0.217 - 21 grain
    3. JSB Knockout 0.216 - 25.39 grain

      I'm running these at about 850FPS. I'm getting about 1" groups at 75 yards consistently even in moderate wind.

      I think that it is interesting that the H&N 0.217 work well and the JSB 0.216 work well, but the JSB 0.217 are not as consistent as the same diameter slug in H&N. Proof positive that these barrels like what they like.