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The Element of surprise.

Element Helix is a good scope for sure. Good weight and options. Athlon Helos is also a comparable option with same basic competitive quality but with illumination. Athlon, you get slightly more for your money in the Helos line. However the Athlons don’t do well with night optics like Pard 007S because of their glass coating. I enjoy my Helix a lot actually, more than I thought I would. Much better then the USO stuff that has a terrible parallax in my option. Helix is a good sweet spot on Airguns or rim fire if you don’t need illumination. Got a helix on a Volquartsen 17HMR and a Athlon on a Kidd custom 22LR. Both amazing. If you do Athlon, Helos is the ticket, but not with a Pard as I said. Most think they need illumination but actually don’t. Most of my scopes have illumination but maybe have used it only a handful of times in two years since updating to all FFP. Element scopes are pretty much a universal good buy. 


Apr 13, 2020
CA, United States
    They are very good scopes , I believe they were bought by FX or are partnered with FX . If anyone knows for sure, let us know !

    FX owner Frederick is the money/equity partner for ELEMNT optics. IMHO they are the best scopes under 1000 dollars unless Japanese scopes get steeply discounted, they DO NOT have the best glass under 1000 but I’m not bird watching.