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Testing new H&N Heavy Slugs with my Impact MK2


Jul 15, 2018
BC, Canada
    Testing the new H&N heavy slugs with my FX Impact MK2 and I was surprised how well they grouped at 50 yards at my current setting. I read a lot that slugs preferred to run at a higher speed of 900fps plus but they seemed to group well at 735-850 fps as well. I was able to get 1/2" group at 50 yards with the 36 and 38gr, running at 795 fps and 759 fps respectively. Also the .217 size slugs ran well in my Impact slug liner as well. Typically .218 is the preferred size for FX liner.

    I will be doing more testings later with higher speed and see if I can push these slugs faster and tighten up the groups even more.