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Talon Tunes: AGT Vixen purchase

I just wanted to post a message for Tony @ Talon Tunes for excellent service! I purchased an AGT Vixen for my wife, aside for the long wait....not Talon Tunes fault; The service and the gun are amazing! I cannot say enough about the high quality of the Vixen. I have A Umarex Guantlet that I enjoy a lot, but the Vixen is in another league. I am aware of the price point difference here, if you are considering a gun under the $2000 price tag; this is the one to spring for! You will not be disappointed! I have been telling all of my firearm buddies how amazing the Vixen is for short range work. My wife loves how compact, light, and accurate it is. Her 10/22 is going to be neglected I think! Thank you Talon Tunes for great customer service!