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Sumatra 2500 with slugs experience?

Yes I haven’t had any luck but that was on full power I never try them on low or med power. The groups was not bad but not to my liking especially when I know that the gun can shoot a half inch at 50 yards all day with JSB and Benjamin domes but I Prefer the JSB 33.95 if I’m hurting a bigger game because of the bullet coefficiency and it holds it Energy down range better.


Oct 5, 2016
    First off do you have a older Sumatra or one of the newer ones " it makes a difference "

    the older guns have a larger bore to them and need a larger diameter than most slugs

    provide , Toby aka HunterOne has seen good results from this slug here 57 grain HP .


    If you have one of the new rebranded Sumatra's they do well

    with a slug thats .250" and I've had one customer state that his

    shot a 3/8" group at 50 yards with a 45 grain slug . 
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    I ordered a Seneca /Sumatra carbine from p.a. today, I will see what It slugs at.

    Years ago, that 25 acp bullet was the first slug I tried in a Condor, the chocked barrel made it a non starter. I purchased a 

    .254 lbt mold and a Lee w.254 sizing die, and a new hacksaw blade, used the 253 sized slug inside and the hacksaw on the outside. I then learned You can change the choke but not the twist.

    Next was to try a 257 TJ and 257420 mold I had laying around in the last 257 Haley Scandalous Jack made, that was when I started making video’s exploding 12 oz cola cans at 500-550-615 yards, that was in 2014.

    I posted almost most daily groups from 260 to 300 yards on the old Yellow under Unrepentantsinner with that Haley.