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Still Can't Post Pictures...


May 12, 2015
Hobbs NM, United States
    "SpringerHal"Well oldspook, I got as far as getting a small picture of what I wanted to upload, then I click on "upload", and nothing happens.
    At least my Wife is a great cook!

    SpringerHal (I'm about to mix a Rum & Coke and continue reading "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire".)

    Hal, your almost there. When you have that little picture almost in the center of the screen, Don't click upload, just click on the picture ONE time and it should enlarge on a different page.

    Now at the very top of that page (in the address barclick one time just to the right of where it says something like this https://i.imagsof........but it will be in black type and not blue. This "internet address" will then high light itself in blue.

    While you still have your curser up in the "address bar" right click one time. A pop up window will open up with some options, click on "Copy" one time. You wont see anything happen though. Your photo stays in this copy mode behind the scenes until the next step.

    Now go back to your post and put the curser where you want the photo to show up. Probably the next line of what you've been typing. Now with your curser where you want it just right click one time and the pop up window will appear again with the same options. This time select click on "Paste" one time. The address that you selected earlier of the photo should now be where you want it. It'll be blue type now. That is a link to your picture that anyone can click on it to view your photo.
    Try it again and see what happens, PS I always type my note first and do the copying and pasting last.



      Hey guys...I'm just going to forget posting pictures...it's too involved a process on this  forum for an 80-year-old like me, but I appreciate the help you all have offered me.

      I have only one airgun-related picture anyway, showing my 4 rifles in a wall rack. Other than that, I have many non-airgun pictures that are easily posted and welcomed in the "off-topic" sections of my other forums...it's too bad this forum has no "off-topic" section.

      In addition, I really don't have anything to contribute to this forum, since I'm not a Hunter and I don't care for formal, competitive, "tight-group" Target shooting either.

      My airgun fun is shooting at anything that doesn't bleed and has no scoring rings. I'm happy to hit that gallon milk jug or that cardboard box anywhere, either at 50 yards or 5 yards, just so I can maked a hole in it, and I don't need any of those killer PCP's either!

      So like General MacArthur, I'll resign and just fade away.

      Harold Pollner (SpringerHal)
      Apple Valley, CA
      [email protected] (If you wish, I'll send you a picture via email)

      Well dang Harold, we barely knew yee??? Hell you can send your pictures to me in an email and I'll post them for you? Hell, all ya gotta do is shoot me an email whenever your ready to post and I'll post the pic as soon as I can in your comment section? If, you're game, just say so and I'll send ya an email?

      I don't hunt, but I like to shoot paper, but I'll agree with you, plinking is way more fun! Although I am quite the fan of the "Dark Side" !!!!LOL

      Peace and photobucket grease

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      Apr 22, 2016
        "Nueces"Thought this might be a good place to practice. Not having much luck so far.


        When I click on this link I see the pic. Anybody else? I've tried to follow directions but just cannot get the pic to appear in my post. Maybe cause I'm on a Mac or its my add blocker .... it's a mystery.
OK spooky ... how'd you do that?
        Look at you Nueces !! Got ya a new gun and posting pics ...Hey man for real , take a couple pics of the new rifle for us to see. By the way , nice shooting !!
        I'm that oddball that couldn't get a TX200 to shoot well but man they are so gorgeous it makes me wanna try another ....But to be fair , both of mine were bought used so no telling their history. I want a lefty so itll be easier for me to load