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Springers vs every thing else

Funny, something I didn't realise this until you guys mentioned it. The freedom of not having to drag diving bottles along is a huge plus. I have an FX Independence that comes with a built-in pump, so that feeling of freedom is somewhat normal for me. But still, the fun factor of shooting a springer is still extremely enjoyable.
I've only been shooting air rifles for about a year and half and own four springers, two FWB 300's, a RWS 34 in .177 and a Diana 48 in .22. The challenge of shooting them well was what drew me to them, well the 34 and 48 anyway, a monkey could shoot a 300. I'm blessed to live in a rural area and have a 100 yard range in my back yard that I shoot everything from my air rifles to my center fire rifles. I have a bench set up behind my shop and I can shoot out to 500 yards there.

So far a PCP has no appeal to me for the same reasons as others have mentioned and for the cost of a good one I can buy a very nice .22 rimfire target rifle and stretch it out to 200 yards for a challenge.

My first rifle was the 48 and it was a steep learning curve to learn to shoot well. The 34 followed and I love it, my go to fun rifle. I wanted something more accurate so I bought the first 300S and it's amazing. Then I thought if I had another 300 I could shoot one with a scope and one with factory peeps so I bought another. I was all set I had rifles to cover everything I wanted, or so I thought. Now I'm considering finding a LH 601-603, it really is a sickness.

I won't say I'll never own a PCP but something in my reasoning is going to have to change before I consider one.
Winter is here so it is time to get out the 300S and start practicing offhand again. I have had the gun since 1984, and it is like an old friend. Amazingly, in spite of having many thousands of pellets through it, it has never needed any maintenance other than an occasional lubrication of pivots and anti-recoil components. I usually shoot a couple rounds in the evening and enjoy not having to worry about charge level. Just get it out and start shooting!