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So close to MOA today!


Apr 1, 2015
    I have been trying out lots of things lately to get maximum accuracy, both my my technique and my equipment and it seems to be paying off finally

    I finally have managed to get near the sub inch @ 100yard groups that I have been chasing for a few months now. I think the last thing left to do now is sort my pellets ( I have a pellgage on its way to me but will take a few more days as I'm in the UK) 

    Here are 2 consecutive groups shot at 100 yards. Strangely they look the same basic shape. Perhaps just coincidence? The 3 inch target was just a sighter but u thought I'd include it anyway 

    I measured them on the 8mm chipboard backers with my calipers zero'd at .220" to give me a CTC reading of 1.1" for both groups. These pictures are just showing my method, it was actually measured on the chipboard to give a better face for the calipers to open onto. 

    these groups were shot with my FX bobcat .22 at 900fps with JSB 18gr pellets.