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Small tank o ring .

Hi there .

I own a small air tank from AirTanksfor sale (Joe Brancatto) , and recently developed a leak at the neck of the bottle where the valve assembly seats .

I"ve removed the valve already (by hand) and found the o ring flat and brittle and broken .

My questions are , the o ring suppose to be like normal o ring (round section) ,and what material are made from ,and if any body know the size of it ?

I'm asking because the one that was there was flat (probably it was the original from 2014)





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Your O ring has taken a perfectly normal “set” from being pressed for a long time. In the dive industry we changed those O rings yearly during its industry adopted inspection. The cracks are just from it drying out. Replacing it should stop the leak. Be sure to clean the valve and O ring seat in the tank neck.
If you look at the space where the O ring lives once the valve is in place it is a squarish cross sectional area, that’s why your old O ring no longer has a round cross section.