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Slugs - to lube or not to lube

I coat every thing I shoot. I use HI -TEK bullet coating. It is a very thin tuff bake on coating. I never get
lead in my barrel. I like this coating over powder coat because it it very thin & very tuff with no flaking
or rubbing off. I recover my slugs & pellets In my bullet trap. You can see were they engaged the rifling
but never any loss of coating.



May 12, 2015
Hobbs NM, United States
    I would not lube our NSA slugs, .300 caliber and below. We clean our slugs and then dried under fans. After they are dry they are lubed and lightly tumbled to get the lube even and then bagged and boxed. We have switched to a silicone lube that is very slippery and seems to be very good and leaves a nice finish too.

    Before that we used Slick 50 in a spray can which I used for years and works nice. The issue with it is it leave a residue which does not leave the bullets looking as nice after it sits on the lead over time.
    Nick, is this the process your still using? I just recieved my three boxes of 36.2's and was considering if any other prep would be needed or recommended. Great service by the way, Had them in just a few days.