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SLUGS ONLY: New Magazine for FX Maverick/Dreamline etc. for new 40gn slugs


Nov 29, 2020
NY, United States
    New Product Announcement/YouTube Video from STUD Mag Loaders: 

    The New -SLUG ONLY Version of our 40-round magazine (in .22) that will accept the new 40gn (12mm long) slugs from ZAN, Patriot and others. This will fit the Maverick/Dreamline/Crown/WKMK3 rifles and is a direct replacement for the FX factory magazines which will not accept these 40gn slugs.

    STUD customers requested a version of our 40-round magazine with the rising interest in heavy slugs (up to 40gn), in .22 that will not fit into the existing FX factory magazines. We are happy to announce they are in stock and available on our website.

    Check out our new video showing how this new magazine feeds these monster .22 caliber slugs. The new YouTube video describing this magazine gets into a deep dive on how it's made, why it is different, and how it works. Be sure to see the chain in a 25 pound pull test! https://youtu.be/T6tQZd5s3zg?fbclid=IwAR0QxcJv6U4EvGU5IpaGKbR8o1mrlPzuxacPpVMOcHE0avrryWM4SPIrxJ0
    You are Douglas Hepler, but you're also

    Douglas HelperHelping us spend more money....! 😄

    One more heavy ammo...!

    What a cool idea. A chain-driven magazine, that allows us shooters to have the ammo in the magazine outlast the air in the bottle....

    40 grainers — what has the AG world come to?! Wonderful.

    Doug, you've done good. Keep up the creativity, the engineering, and the service to our AG community. 👍🏼👍🏼