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Skout Airguns Epoch - SHOT Show 2022 video

Definitely cool. I'm glad to see some cross over from the paintball world.

Should be interesting to see how the lower pressure works out. Tim's Mac1 USFT uses a relatively low pressure and John Bowkett mentioned after he left BSA about comin out with a low pressure high output gun but don't think anything ever came of it. Hasn't been a focus in the AG world.
No mention on who made the barrel ?

Never the less this look mighty interesting, probably a lot different from when i was "pumping paint" in 68 caliber balls in the late 80ties. :) Back then only pump action markers was used here in Denmark.

I will keep my eye on these for sure.

He mentions that they make them in house. Smart Parts/DLX are well known for the FREAK barrel system in tournament paintball, not exactly sure how that will translate into pellets/slugs however
Very seldom do you see Rossi thinking about what someone is saying to the camera. His mind is usually on what HE is going to say next. This guy had his attention, and that says a bunch. His energy is too much for a lot of people, but i would bet, once he settles down, he is a great guy. One thing is for certain, he is very passionate about anything airguns.