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Cameras Sideshot with go pro 7 black.

Just mounted my sideshot with the go pro 7 black, just did a quick adjustment on the eagle vision lens. 

Can i get better quality out of it? its at 1080P 120fps on a helix ffp.

How can i get rid of the black shadow around the ring?


There’s a lot that goes into getting it really clean! I transfer my side shot between 3 different scopes, and each scope requires a different adjustment to the lens. I have my lens marked so I can easily adjust when doing so. In order to get the results I wanted, I literally spent all day recording clips and making adjustments. Sometimes adjusting the optical focus on the eyepiece of the scope helps clear up the image as well. The best way I have found to get a crisp image is to focus the lens on the reticle it self and not on what your looking at through the scope. Once you get the reticle nice and clear then you can experiment with very very small turns of the lens and see if it improves any. I also took some painters tape and rolled a small piece inside out to place around the lens so It doesn’t move. It takes some trial and error to get things “right”! Hope that helps some! 
I was going to buy the Side-Shot Gopro version from Utah Airguns for $1217, it had the hero black 7 backbone, could use it for a lot more than just through the scope, which I liked. Simple unscrew scope lens and screw in other action wide angle lens for different things, but wow the price! But the backbone Gopro is like $850 so considering that price the rest was a little overpriced anyway, so $1217 plus shipping just wasn't going to happen. 

Tried Side-Shot with iPhone, hated it.

I tried Tactacam. Works great on all but two of my scopes. Does not work well with scopes with a raised magnification ring. So I was still looking...

I ended up with the OrionCam. No, not the side-shot redo that he originally was doing, but his 3D printed set up with the adaptor for the eye piece to take out the optical misalignment. I saved more than 70% of the cost of the Side-Shot Gopro set up and it will work for my two Meopta scopes. With the footage I am seeing and the reviews, this was the right choice. I would for sure check out Orion's system. I know the Gopro backbone version has better video quality, but not $800 dollars better. Just saying.

I am so glad that the guys that are doing the Gopro 7 system are having such great success. We all benefit from the cool content. 
@coyotegod i used to run the firefly system but its getting way too hot, so i converted to the go pro.

I have heard that and I have a plan. Not sure if it will work, but if Orion is doing ok in the Florida heat maybe I will be ok. I am not going to worry about the waterproof case of course. I am taking an old Gopro 3 open back plate cover and replacing the sealed cover from the fire fly case. This will help a lot, I have heard just with this modification. Also going to drill holes along the top and sides. See how that does for me. I have heard it does help a lot. A little project, I guess. 

This is a subject that I have poured more time into than any other accessory or shooting peripheral aspect of air gunning. That said my experiences are mine and not necessarily the most efficient or the most direct resolution path to a challenge but they work.

The GoPro requires a lot of time to initially adjust and mark focal points on the camera and the lens to make your life easier. An external monitor so you can live feed is a huge time saver as well else you will need to make multiple record and review sessions with small adjustments until you get things right.

The dark shadow you see typically rears its head at the extremes of a scope's magnification range. This is due in part to the fact that the higher the magnification the narrower the sight path becomes, so if you nail the concentric sweet spot using the high magnification you are typically good to go at any lower magnification. Now obviously as you are setting the scope camera mount up initially you will want to use minimum magnification so you can achieve the proper eye relief and general alignment but for the nitty-gritty stuff, you will need to increase magnification.

Below is a test I shared in April of this year where I compared video captured through an Orion Cam scope camera mount installed on an Element Titan Scope so the only variable was the recording device.

The two recording devices used were:

  1. Hawkeye FireFly 8SE 90° Camera (stock) capturing at [email protected] ($165.00)
  2. GoPro Hero 7 Black with Eaglevision 12mm 1/1.8" 4K Lens [email protected] ($399.00 + $130.00 = $529.00)



    During the filming of this video, there was substantial heat haze or mirage but both cameras were exposed to the same condition. As I am writing this article I am thinking that I may install a new EV 1/18" lens on my GP7 and try again as I have an early version lens currently on the GP7 and it MAY be cloudy or out of spec.

    One of the most annoying things that I experience is if I have the GP7 with EV1/1.8" Lens installed and crystal clear that the crosshairs will blur out as I change magnification which the only way I have found around this is to set the scope at let's say 18 magnification and adjust for extreme clarity and never adjust the magnification again which, to be honest, is not really an acceptable option as the optic has a 5-25x usable range.

    The YouTube Channel EdGun Leshiy Channel even speaks to this reticle focus issue and if you watch his setup video you can see that he edits the reticle in and out of video and he has a fixed power scope mounted in this video. The video will start at the part I am speaking of.


    Now he could adjust the focus on the lens and get the reticle sharp but he likes the option to in post-editing turn it off so you see the pellet in flight better. The thing I want to point out here though is to look at the target image clarity, you notice the same cloudy, slightly milky, not as sharp an image that you know you should have what you and my video show?

    Well, I probably introduced more questions than answered but I wanted to share with the community that if you are having struggles getting clear scope camera captures with your GP5, 6, or 7, you're not alone but you can get it looking pretty good.