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Shooting Bliss.

I work 2nd shift, so when I return home around 12:30am, everyone is usually asleep. To unwind I normally spend a couple hours working in my shop. Lately, I have been shooting after work. I can only get 6 yards inside without having to move stuff around, but it's great for pistol and still fun with a rifle off hand. When the weather is good, I have been opening the overhead door and shooting out to 15 yards. Not enough light to shoot much further.

I usually shoot alittle in the morning/afternoon before work as well, but my kids want to shoot and I normally don't get much shooting in as I just let the kids enjoy before dad leaves for work. So, my late night shop shooting is becoming my shooting time although it is at a really close distance. It has got me shooting my co2 pistols, pumpers, and springers that sometimes get neglected. The only problem I am having is needing more pellets!!

After spending the last couple years really focused on long range shooting and hunting, I am really enjoying my shop shooting. When the kids do let dad do alittle shooting before work or on the weekends, I rarely shoot past 75 yards anymore. Heck, i used to warm up at 75. I have actually detuned most of my guns to increase shot count and just enjoy shooting.

One thing my shop time has been really good for is gun maintenance. Since I have been shooting nearly everyone of my guns (I have about 30) weekly, I spend time cleaning, doing routine maintenance, and tinkering before putting em up for the night. Prior to my shop shooting, many of my guns had not seen the light of day in a long time.

With hunting season just around the corner, I should have no excuses to not have my guns ready!!


Jun 22, 2015
    If you can open the garage door and have a good back stop....
    You can set a LED light off to the side of the target and shoot, I got a box filled with old clothes and a old suet case filled with rubber cork,
    Even at 48 yards I do not have to even think about shooting the light, and the batteries last a long time in the LED lights.
    I do run a small motorcycle compressor, Or turn a radio on real soft to off set the 1am shots,
    I even set the lantern LED light on top of the box of clothes as its pretty big,,,,,
    I even shoot some of the bugs that come to the light, Sick what we do for fun , LOL.
    oh I forgot you can get the little lantern lights in camping Dept Walmarts for like 10 to 12 bucks
    Thanks for sharing your shooting and tinkering habits with us.

    I just moved into a house, and I've claimed the length of the basement for a shooting lane at night, when everyone else is in bed. I have 14 yards indoors to shoot. Trying to figure out if I can get away with plinking indoors, but I think ricochets might be a concern.

    In order to have a tinkering place like you do, I need to build a workbench. I have plans all ready, I just need the time, and the willingness to forgo the outdoor shooting at the outdoor airgun range. [BAGA. (Badgerland AirGun Association) ] in favor of setting up shop. There's a field target match this weekend that I might "compete" in.

    For your indoor shooting, here's something that might spice it up a little, the Crosman Air Pistol Owner's Forum. (CAPOF) they have informal indoor monthly shooting contests that are a lot of fun. Some classes are of course just limited to Crosmans. Others are open to all. They have 10m pistol and rifle, and I think some 5m pistol. I'm always meaning to compete in that, but usually, I forget. (as you said, busy home life) You can't see all the sub-fora until you register.

    It might also be another fun tinkering project. Folks there buy the basic Crosman pistols, then modify them into something SO much nicer than stock.
    AJ.......I was able to purchase that Thomas because of a little money my mom left me. Sadly she passed last year, but I'll always cherish the time she shot my Cricket off the back porch with Renae and I back in 2014. She was really into air gunning that week ;-)
    So every time I shoot my Crickets or my Thomas, I think of her ;-) 

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    Thanks guys, didn't mean to hijack AJ's thread with this?
    I'm also lucky enough to have a wife who will shoot with me and encourages me to buy what I want as far as airguns go. So, I really am a lucky man in that respect. Have some really good women in my life ;-)

    AJ, every time I'm up late at night like this and can't sleep, I'll be thinking........"Wonder if AJ is out there in that fabulous shop of his shooting his airguns?"

    Peace out guys ;-)