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Seven 100 yd targets ,two were less than 1.2", and three were sub MOA

Had another calm night to shoot the Boss. I'll let you guess which one I entered in this month's NUAH challenge over at GTA ;-)

Had some questions regarding info and figured I would edit it in.

FX Boss
Sightron SIII 10-50x60 on 30 power
.30 cal JSB 44.75 gr straight from the tin with velocity around 878 fps
Standing Bench with cheap Atlas clone Bipod w/rear bag shot at night w/calm to non existent wind
Best Score 50/50 3x 0.61" ctc

Took many tries tonight to get here. This was my 6th target of the night. I shot 7 targets total and had two at 1.5" ctc
Target #1 scored 50/50 2x 1.16" ctc
Target #2 scored 49/50 2x 1.12" ctc
Target #3 scored 50/50 2x 0.96" ctc
Target #4 scored 50/50 2x 0.86 ctc
Target #5 scored 49/50 1x 1.50"ctc
Target #6 scored 50/50 3x 0.61 ctc
Target #7 scored 49/50 1.5" ctc




    That is some good shooting you did there! I hardly ever get time between the changing winds to get more than 3 or 4 good shots off before conditions change. Then it takes me a couple shots to get back on target and by then it changes again.

    Keep multiple targets going for different wind conditions. Same game and it confirms your doping of the wind.
    Thanks guys, yeah no wind. Makes it much easier to get good groups. Target # 5 was getting close to 150 bar on the gauge. Rifle gauge read about 145 bar after the last 5 shots. I only fill gun to around 210 bar max and I think it was real close to 200 bar when I started. Refilled gun to 210 bar and dry fired two shots before I proceeded to target # 6. Then target number 7 was all me? Guess I was still wetting my pants over target # 6 ??? LOL

    Could only squeeze 4 pellets into the 5 holes for pics and measurement they were so tight.


    Thanks guys.

    Michael, I couldn't do that with wind. It was so calm it was almost like shooting indoors. The gun is remarkable though.

    Dave, Mike Bricker convinced me to post all the targets that takes me to get to that magic one we always post and I'm glad he brought it up. Helps me see the consistency of this gun as well as myself. I'll be out there again soon with the .25 cal and you'll see a difference. A little harder to get the magic group with the .25.

    John, thanks for bringing that up. I'll have to edit it in. I'm using a Sightron SIII 10-50x60 on 30 power.

    Target #6. Drops the mic... 

    You should frame Target #6! Can’t get much better than that... So next up 1/2 MOA? I need to send my Bobcat so she can take some lessons from the Boss. Great shooting Fuss!
    PS.. what was different about target 6 fill wise or gun wise compared to the other 6 targets?. I ask because all of your other targets had good horizontal dispersion but the only one with great vertical dispersion is #6. Pellet ES better at 200 to 210 bar? Just rambling on here... Thanks for posting all the groups and the one after. They are all “minute of squirrel” at 100 yards! ;)
    Thanks guys

    Mantech, I just edited it in...muzzle velocity roughly 878 fps

    Mike, I'm shooting straight from the tin and not across chrony as I go, but I'm assuming it does better when closer to 200 Bar than 150 bar. I never fill it to the full 250 bar max. I'm thinking fill to 210 bar, shoot maybe 3 to 4 groups max then fill again for best results? I always shoot at least one dry fire after a fill.

    Here's some of the best of the best since August.


    Well I guess I might as well throw in the towel, ain't got nothing that can shoot that good … me included! Guess I ought to mark this one off my bucket list … just ain't gonna happen.😖

    Darn good shootin there Fuss, you passing out autographs yet? Can't help it, I'm just a jealous kinda guy 😏

    As always Shalom aleichem

    Russ, I've had my share of rifles that couldn't do that at 50 yds also. Took me a long long time to get to the 100 yd club.

    Leon, I couldn't hang with Centercut in that wind. I only do this on calm days and the wind seems to be the calmest at night.

    John, don't give up. It took me 5 years to find the right gun/scope combo to make it happen. I guess that's why I post so many of these targets? I'm still in shock that I'm able to shoot these these groups?

    Loren, it's really not that bad shooting at night. I have the target really lit up out there and there are no distractions. All you see is the target glowing at you! I'm even getting more comfortable at night than in the daytime? Now if the wind was blowing there wouldn't be anyway to watch the tree leaves and such which is why I only do it on calm nights? LOL