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semiautomatic bullpup 'NIKA'.


Dec 23, 2017
    Hello !
    Will this rifle be interesting to you in future?

    PCP- with electronic control in the layout of the bullpup 'NIKA'.
    The presence of electronics greatly simplifies the process of adjusting and controlling the shooting parameters, which does not require disassembly of the rifle and
    the use of screwdrivers, spanners, etc.

    Dimensions for the current layout:
    Length 550mm with a barrel length of 400mm
    Height 180 mm
    Width 40 mm
    The reservoir is 220 cm ^ 3
    The barrel is hung up.
    There is no mechanical gear.

    Display, 3-button control.

    Distinctive features of this rifle
    1. Self-loading rifle with a magazine for 9 containers for bullets
    2. Work with pneumatic calibers .177/.22/.25 When changing the caliber, the energy conversion is done using the keyboard.
    3. Select the desired energy shot using the keyboard.
    Quick return to factory settings (press combination of two buttons for a few seconds).
    4.Electronic manometer.
    5. Protection from spontaneous shot.
    6. The counter of the shots of the current session is displayed.
    7. The sensor of containers. Without bullet containers, the rifle does not shoot
    8. Work with any types of bullets. Bullets of any configuration, restriction only on the length of the bullet. When changing the caliber it is enough to change the
    containers for the bullets.
    9. Ease of construction. Minimum of mechanical components, the main work is done by inexpensive electronics.
    10. Low cost .

    Video links
    Link to youtube channel LLC 'A + A'

    Best regards.
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