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Scope question for newbie to PCP

Guys , 

I m new yo this sight. I need to know what is best bang for buck on a new scope ??? 
I bought an Impact MK ll just two weeks ago and I am hooked , I put a NF 4x25x56 I didn’t have on anything and thought way over kill but after shooting and enjoying the fine cross hairs , I may just leave it on . Now I just bought a new Maverick for my son and just tried to buy a used scope and found another scammer !! 4th one and I just started . I think I’m going to stay away from that part of this platform !!!! They back out when I apply the rules given for each other’s safety and to make a smooth honest transaction . Any way I posted a complaint on feedback forum . So back to the scope ! I would really appreciate your input ! 
son is looking for long range capability , thin crosshairs , high magnification , FFP, and minimum 50 mm bell . 
thanks guys 
Another vote for the Midas Tac…can’t beat Athlon’s warranty and customer service…Most of the scopes I use are Athlon’s on my rifles…Hell out of the 5 air rifles I have they all have one model or another of Athlon….

‘Tony P

Same here. Another vote for the Midas Tac. I have 2 Argos, 1 Midas Tac, and 2 Eres BTR's. on 4 of my guns. Fell in love with the Christmas tree reticles. The Midas Tac has a very fine dot in the center of the crosshairs which is in my book perfect for precision target shooting.