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Scope comparison Helos vs element

I have a element helix 6-24x50 ffp moa and a blackhound 6-24x50 moa. I have really gotten where I do not like the blackhound. The turrets never line up. It’s either off to one side of the other on both windage and elevation. The reticle is to think for my licking. I like my helix but I just am not sure if I buy into all the hype. I just seeing if for the money is their a better scope like the athlon helos 6-24x56 ffp anyone have both the helix and athlon? 
There might be some 1st Gen Helos 6-24's out there still for sale, it has a 30mm tube, these are ok but not up to the quality of the G2 Helos scopes. The Helos G2 6-24 is awesome for the money!!! Be aware that it has a 34mm tube and is on the heavy side so it might not be for you if you plan on walking around a lot with your rifle.

The Midas TAC series are even higher quality than the Helos line and they are hard to beat but don't have illumination and IMHO these are basically an ETR quality scope lacking illume.

Both the Helos G2 and the Midas TAC are so good its hard for me to make up my mind which one I like more - only because the Helos G2 has illume and locking turrets as well as focusing down to 10Y. The 5-25 TAC only goes down to 25Y but one can still go to lower magnification to clear up the image at around 15-20Y. The 5-25 has a 34mm tube so its a bit heavy. The TAC series wins in the glass department.

Haven't been behind the Helix yet so i can't make a fair judgement.
I will be using it for XFT and only shooting from sticks so weight won’t matter much at all. For the money the helos g2 6-24x 56 just looks hard to beat. It going down to 10 yards does add a plus to the equation since we shoot 20 to 100 yards. I really like the reticle as well on the mil scope. I mainly use moa but I’m sure mil would be fairly easy to pick up. 
I really can’t comment on the Athlon scopes as I have never owned one. I do own a number of Element Helix scopes in both FFP and SFP. I love the reticle and the turrets track beautifullly. I also shoot Hawke and Vortex optics. The Element scopes are great on my pcps. I have had two fail that I put on springers. They were replaced instantly but I will not put any more on springers, leaving them to the Hawke and Diamondback scopes.