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Reximex Airguns - SHOT Show 2022 video by American Airgunner

It has one reg,

It has an externally adjustable valve,

UK price around £750, so $700 is even better value. Lucky ducks.

We can thank Troy Hammer for a lot of the improvement over the gen1.

" Pre chamber" think Plenum.

Only being offered in black, and with a 425cc ALU bottle ( at this moment ) in the UK, so again, lucky ducks.

I believe this gun, will be CLOSE to guns, three times it's price,

No names, no pack drill.

I don’t think there’s anyway those rifles and pistols are coming to an American buyer for the price point mentioned in the video. The rifles will be easily over $1000.00, which for the tech may not be a bad deal. According to a South Africa dealer they are 17,700 Rand which equates to a little over $1000.00 US for the Throan Gen 2. The rep did say FROM $700 US which is what I think their pistol will be priced at after doing some currency conversion.