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Red Wolf at the range

Here is a 50 yard and 100 yard group that I shot recently with the Daystate Red Wolf HP .22. The 50 yard group measured about .2 inch for 5 shots, I was aiming at 9 o'clock. The 100 yard group was .8 inch. Both were shot at medium power with JSB 18.1's at 965 fps. I also shot JSB 25 redesigned, KO slugs and FX Hybrids at High Power. I did get a break on the wind with these tho, it stayed pretty consistent. These are by far my best of the day, however, we all know what happens when the wind gets variable.

IMG_0994 2.1.1607737524.jpg

Yes, igolfat8, my Red Wolf HP .22 is as tuned from the factory. It has slowed down a little since I first got it, but is very consistent. The two groups were definitely cherry picked, and the wind picked up after, but its nice to see what is possible.

More info: I used an Accutac bipod and a rear bag (don't remember brand, but it's a "squeezy" type).