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Red Dot help....

Hey mister
I've been in the same dilemma trying to find a good red dot for my Airmax pistol.
This airgun club in Florida posted some success it's members have had with different red dots.


That being said I ordered a Truglo 2x42 for my Airmax today. But ordered it via Walmart in case for some reason I can't stand it? LOL

Figured my old eyes could use the 2x magnification?

Folks I talk to say to go with a 3 MOA dot or less and the Truglo 2x42 has a 2.5 MOA dot, so I can only hope it's a good one? Also had a another airgunner on here who had the Millet SP-1 and he prefered the Truglo with the 2x magnification over it. So he helped make my mind up.
Look forward to see what you go with.
Good luck.
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For many years I shot bullseye pistol using a Tasco ProPoint with the big dot (6 or 8 MOA I believe). At 50 ft. the dot almost covered the black center and provided an excellent sight picture for bullseye pistol.. I used them on my 22RF, 32CF pistols and later on revolvers for steel plate matches with excellent results. their only limitation is a relatively small field of view. 
I have also used the Docter and C More reflex dot sights for action pistol shooting. The C More appears to be a bit more rugged than the Docter.
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Thanks for your help on finding a great red dot as well Tony. That Tasco ProPoint looks like a good buy.
The C More and the Docter are a little out of my price range.
At first with the C-More, I thought you were talking about the "See All" open sight? LOL.....They look interesting. Would be nice to hear someone chime in about those?

We need to talk ol' Joe Wayne Rhea into doing some videos on these red dots like he does with scopes? LOL That would be a hoot!

I found a used like new Vortex Sparc 2 Red-dot with an after market weaver mount. It has 10 degrees of brightness, great battery life and built like a tank.
​It is lighter, has a lower profile and shorter in length than my other two "el cheapos". The life -time warranty also played a part in my decision.
​It works great, fit and finish are superb, easy access to all adjustments. I have several Vortex products and they replace or repair no questions asked, even if you
are not the original owner, that's hard to beat.

I received my Truglo late this evening.Was just about to pack it up and send it back, because the red dot looked like a blob with a comet tail or a group of dots bunched together? Then I read a post on GTA where a guy stated the red dots will look like this if you have astigmatism. Then I was like huh? I can't use this because I have astigmatism in both of my eyes. So, about that time a light bulb went off and I thought "let me look through this thing with my glasses on"?I'll be danged, it cleared right up. I'm so used to looking through a scope and letting the scope focus make up for my bad vision I didn't even think to put my glasses on? It's too late in the evening for me to get out there and try to zero it right now, but it does look good on the pistol and I do like the 2x magnification. Also the packaging says 2.5 moa ;-) I figure tomorrow if I can consistently hit grapes with the red dot at 20 to 25 yds rested I'll keep it. Still might buy a danged Bug Buster to put on it? LOL
Mister, my testing is at a stand still. I put the Truglo on the pistol today and went out and tried to shoot it. It was like a scatter gun?
I've heard rumors about these barrels being loose? Well, mine is super loose!
I've heard of guys tapping into the side of the frame and locking the barrel down with a grub screw.
Gotta make up my mind if I want to go buy a tap and die set and give it a go myself, or just send the pistol to a friend to have it done?
It's a shame to have this gun only a week or so and this happen already. I tried not to torque it too hard when I put the Donny Du adapter and the Huggett on but I guess there is no way to do it without putting too much torque on the barrel and making it come loose in the action? Not a very good design at all. Right now I'm kinda bummed out with the whole deal.
Holy smokes Gunner. The scope alone is way way out of the price range for poor ol' CampFussell! LOL
Now that is some serious airgun pic! Love it man.
Seems I remember you had some more pics of the Ranchero in a wood stock? Maybe even a Carbine stock?
Let us see those bad boys again? I can't get enough of fine looking airguns and scopes! Thanks for indulging us ;-)