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Recent Boar Hunt


Sep 2, 2019
bc, Canada
    Great footage of the hunt, amazing how loud the jungle is at night. Would imagine the mosquito's are annoying as can be sitting for so long? Great shot, perfect size for eating. Cheers

    Aloha Dana,

    Mahalo. Yeah the frogs in the back ground are called "coqui" they are not native to our island, they hitched a ride on some plants that came in from another country and are more of a nuisance.

    The mosquito's were not too bad, but I still put on unscented mosquito repellent.

    There was a lot of meat from this pig, a lot of fat content. We made some smoked most of the meat and made some "adobo" a filipino dish.

    Aloha, Keone

    Adobo, lol, that must be very good