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Received a new case of die "B" CPLs a few days ago and they're good.


Jun 1, 2016
NC, United States
    Ordering boxed CPLs in the past has been rather "interesting" because I received a case of CPLs about 5 years ago that were covered with so much "parting compound" (looked like graphite) that my fingers were grey after each shooting session. That case was then thoroughly washed, dried and then lubed with Slick50 One Lube before shooting. I found the washing and drying was more of a hassle than lubing so I bought some other brands using my .177 Beeman R9. Finding that the supposedly 4.52mm Exacts and H&N FTTs had very inconsistent head sizes and didn't shoot accurately, I stopped using the Exacts & FTTs reverting back to boxed CPLs. After the JSB/H&N inconsistency fiasco where thousands of pellets were measured and weighed I ordered another case of CPLs. There was an expectation that I'd be washing CPLs again however that case die "B"s dated Feb 3 2014 was clean, consistent, and accurate from the R9. I immediately and ordered 4 more cases (about 4 years ago) and all of the boxes were good, however I'm currently down to my last full box from the 12 box order so I ordered a new case of CPLs and here's what I received...........

    As you can see, 3 of the boxes were dated Sep 25 2018 and the odd ball box was dated Jul 7 2018. LOL....the odd box even has a different label.
    I didn't do a "weigh check" the pellets received but I did measure the heads of a few random pellets...........

    If you look closely at the pellet heads in the pic you'll see where the light shows a "parting shadow" where the die came together. Just for grinns I measured them across the "faint part lines" and then perpendicular to the part lines and EVERY pellet measured .03-.04mm LESS across the parting line. I'm not really concerned about the CPL pellet head "ovality" because I'm head sizing these to 4.53mm for use with my .177 Beeman R9 which I'm currently shooting. The previous CPLs were "head sized" to 4.50mm to ease installation into the tighter HW95 leade.

    As a side note, this time I measured the pellet heads using my EAGems IP54 digital Caliper that gives a readout in inches, mm, & fractions............