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RAW PRS Customizable PCP - SHOT Show 2022 - American Airgunner video

Swiss Army Gun.1642542150.png

It seems that those add on's are just gadgets but they really do work WELL for the PRS/NRL type games. The extra weight of the chassis system and being able to quickly position the bipod on the ARCA rail can make a BIG difference when balancing the gun off of obstacles.

I have a 22rf that is lower weight and back in the day I would win NRL22 matches often with it but some friends built Vudoo bolt actions with heavy barrels off of heavy chassis systems and all of a sudden I wasn't able to compete at their level. Their guns just sit there very stable when balanced off of barricades and other obstacles, whereas mine wobbles around a lot in comparison. It's basically the difference between winning the match or finishing 3/4 the way up the roster nowadays!!!! That's one reason I quit going to NRL22 matches because I'd have to invest $3000 more to get a new gun to compete with, eh I'm getting old is another good other reason.
The part that interests me ... is getting a RAW harmonic tuner - as an add on to my two HM1000xLRT's.

Hopefully this item will be added to the RAW parts being available through Air Force.

The video mentions a KSS device - not sure this is made from another vendor or not?

i can't see anything on Airforce webpage or Raw's , maybe they will update there online shop soon.