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Quick 2 hours freezing butt off with Glimmer….Updated 12/30/2021


Apr 23, 2020
Idaho, United States
    Currently, I a working two part time jobs until a new career one comes along, and interviews finally starting next week. However, for now I try to hunt / pest when I can even for a quicky.

    One nice thing is one of my two permissions is LITERALLY right off the freeway and the landowner loves me, reminder I need to bring donuts for next outing. So between my morning and afternoon job I ran out to the main permission, the usual for some more practice with Glimmer (my RTI PPC). Today, was still damn cold 12 F / -10 C, and this is without wind chill.


    Setup RTI Prophet Performance Compact - 177 barrel kit CZ barrel using JSB Hades at 885 FPS or 18 FPE estimate. I did a little more adjustment down on the reg pressure, 105 bar, and slightly up on hammer spring. After a 25 yard sight in I gave it a go. Winds were around 10 mph / 16 kph. I started off using my AccuTac bipod but one of the legs froze. (Can anyone suggest how to keep a leg from freezing if some snow gets in?) Moderator DonnyFL Tanto. When I left the house I filled the gun to 260 bar, after plinking, sighting in, missing showing hands how quiet Glimmer is with the Tanto and kills, I used 3ishx 15 shot magazines, with an ending pressure of 210 bar (just checked), that is pretty economical in my book. The 22 barrel kit should be sent this or the beginning of next week.

    This time out I wore FLEECE lined pants I picked up yesterday at Costco, excellent investment for $25. AND I wore my ‘poop kicker” boots, though uninsulated so double socked.

    I had a slow start. The doves were skittish, and pigeons were unfound, except for the pair I missed at 45 yards. However, I redeemed myself with this shot. There was a group of about 20 doves, and I stalked my way there, of course no cover, so I was hoping for a dumb one to stick around, well it happened. The range was 64 yards using my range finder, a Halo 450. I took aim at the single dove, and for a Hail Mary shot, remember 64 yards in wind with a 177 10.34 grain Hades. Well, pop and the dove does down over the far edge of the roof into the paddock. I come around corner and the dove is stone dead, with no exit hole. I seem to do better at distance than close…hhhmm 🤔 Any suggestions why?


    Along the way I popped some sparrows and saw some doves in a grove of trees behind some straw bales. Okay here is where it gets embarrassing and know I need more target time with Glimmer, however, it shows what a good add on the Tanto for Glimmer. I crouch behind the straw bales and take aim at a dove in a tree, and miss. The doves look around wondering what happened, the 177 / Tanto mix makes for a VERY quiet combo. Distance was around 40-50 yards. My angle though from the bales was awkward and wish I had the tripod on for those shot, well next time I will.

    The last dove I got was feeding around the calf paddocks and was on top of the shelter, at 30ish yards I connected and had a clean pass through. Though a follow up shot was needed for an immediate end to the situation. Then I catch the attention of the neighborhood, around 4 magpies following me around and a large (really large) Red Tail Hawk, who is probably the reason the doves were do on edge, ME!?, I am harmless 🤠. I throw. dove towards the hawk and decided I will let it and the magpies decide who gets it, but my money is on the hawk, he was 3 times the size of a magpie.


    One note, today and the last time I was out at the main dairy I was curious why there were no sparrows in the barn, now I know why. Another “sparrow” took up residence, first name Sparrow and last name Hawk.
    There are several sprays made to keep your fishing rod guides from freezing up during extremely cold weather. I have no idea if it would be safe to use on your bipod but it might be something to look into if you can’t come up with another solution. I have used these sprays for their intended purposes and it works very well. 


    Apr 13, 2020
    CA, United States
      @qball it is good permission for being so close, pack and drive 20 minutes and within 30 you are shooting, in theory.

      that’s awesome! Wish I eventually will get off my lazy ass and find a permission near by. 

      BTW: I hope you have a few speed loaders and/or mags, looks too cold to load 177 pellets with frozen finger tips. 😆
      I am too tired to write another string so I am adding today’s hunt to this post, but different location, same owner.

      The two permissions I have are owned by the same person, there is the main dairy, then a small stockyard small by Idaho standards anyways, maybe a 100 head of cattle. The owner has told me how many birds there are, but most of the time I have only see a couple of pigeons. Well, today was different.

      Today I saw a decent size flock of pigeons, lots of collared doves and finally some starlings. Conditions were windy, but it was not snowing when I arrived, though it was expected. (Fore shadowing) 



      When I arrived I saw the pigeons in the middle of the paddocks among the cows feeding, and I couldn’t get a clear shot. They spooked though and went high to the roof of a building. Same setup as before.

      In the first hour I got 4 pigeons and 2 doves. Distance for dove 50 yards and several misses then it dawned on me needing to hold over etc because of the wind.

      After the first hour I went to the main dairy to deliver donuts and try my luck there. The doves were out in force, but so were the birds of prey, so everyone was on edge, and a big storm moving in. When I arrived the owner pulled along side my truck and welcomed me, I gave the donuts, and he said I don’t need to bring donuts every time I come out (I don’t) and I am always welcome to poach all the birds I can. Anyways, I was off on the main dairy today, and I only got one dove there. Missed one pigeon I shouldn’t have and didn’t see any starlings or sparrows.

      After an hour at the main dairy and seeing at least 3 birds of prey, I headed back to the stockyard. Upon arrival a pigeon flew in just as I got out of the truck. We stared, I aimed and no more pigeon, 20 yard shot, so fell like a stone. Then I wandered some got one dove, and got one more pigeon on the main roof. After I put the pigeons on the “who wants them come and get them pile”, minus the one I left for the farmyard cat the snow really started to come down. As I got to the truck I saw a pigeon through the heavy snow, so I pulled the still uncashed gun, and took aim and shot. 25 yards, then things got interesting, I was recording pigeon “7” of the day. As I cross over the back side I see TWO pigeons flopping, one in worse shape than the other. Part of my brain was like, “hey!? Was that pigeon you left for the cat REALLY dead?!”, well it was and I technically speaking got my first, though unintended double kill. After that I quickly put the birds with the rest, and got out of dodge because it turned into a “white out.”



      However, the conditions and distances I would have been probably better suited for a 22, pre white out. Yesterday when I spoke with Francisco on the phone about guns and some other things, he said the 22 cal CZ barrel he promised me long ago would be sent Monday. For these windy wintery and longer range distances I think overall I would do better with the 22 cal barrel on Glimmer. Hopefully it arrives by the end of next week for some open field hunting and maybe squirrel or crow.