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Question for Thomas rifle owners

Mine is pretty snug with it's favorite food, the 13.4 gr JSB Monsters. I just try to get mine as flush as I can with my thumb. The last BR card I shot was a 247 and I was in a hurry because I thought my friend needed to get home. Then he shot a 248 right behind me and it was the first time he had shot the rifle. And we shot the pellets right out of the tin with no sorting.

It's pretty consistent shooting a 245 or above score card and I've shot a couple of 250's with it.

I've sorted weighed and sized, but always go back to shooting right from the tin and thumbing them in the leade. Maybe I would sort if I was in a serious BR comp, but for FT I don't even worry about it.

The best purchase I made for the rifle was a nice shroud to quiet her down. Sounds crazy, but I've had less flyers with the shroud? Still my favorite rifle of all and I've had many.


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Coldair, sorry I'm late. Not getting email notifications for follow up replies?

I got my Shroud from Mike Niksch the man who makes the Thomas. I think it was around $175 shipped.

It's super easy to install. Take a look at the picture of it without the shroud. The tapered sleeve just unscrews from the barrel end of the action and the shroud screws in it's place.

I always hated how loud the darn thing was before, now I'm in love with it again! It's certainly not Marauder quiet, but it does it's job. Best accessory investment I've made in a while!

1539858605_17019682435bc860ad485d53.78300401_thomas grip fix 2.jpg