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Pop goes the Sparrow (graphic)

Here is a clip from last weekend and which will be in my upcoming video on Blackpaw Gunner.

Yes, some times pop goes the sparrow, happens. Scope cam footage iPhone XR with a side shot mount at 60 fps and you are still able to see the pellet. I already put in the warning so go for it and comment, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Updated Video with pointee arrow:



I watched the video at least six times and missed it...
The circles and arrow really helped this old man, thanks. Amazed the sparrow did so much flapping without a brain.

Ive seen so much flapping after decapitation its crazy. We use a flip/twist method on birds to fracture their neck, and I've seen it done so hard it gets decapitated and flaps for minutes...hence the saying "like a chicken with its head cut off"
@l.leon and @glenroiland - when I first looked at the bird, I thought it looked "normal" just dead, because I angle the bird was on the ground and seeing the beak. Well, there was a part of the beak left, but only the bottom half. I had a similar shot later in the day, but it was more icky because some of the brain was left. :p
A few days ago I took out a sparrow with a 12 ft/lb HW50 and an 8 grain wad cutter pellet at about 15 meters. I’ve never seen so much carnage in my life…it so completely unzipped and disemboweled it that it was unbelievable! This leads me to believe that it’s more about pellet design and kinetic energy that really destroys the birds.