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Please welcome TPS (The Pellet Shop) to our list of fine partners!!

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Aug 24, 2020
Colorado, United States
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    The Pellet Shop is an online retailer based out of New York. We sell Pellets, Airguns, and airgun accessories... along with some exciting deals like this! ;)


    TPS was founded with one goal in mind, to offer the best customer service possible. We do things a little bit different to ensure that each and every customers shopping experience is unique.

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    Check out our website www.thepelletshop.com or give us a call anytime 718 450 4146

    This dude is beyond cool. I talked with him for a while on the phone...super cool guy. Then I got my order and there was a Slim Jim in the box! I was starving at the time too. This guy operates on a whole other level of awesome! I am reviewing the HP Assasin SS +Plus in .30 caliber this week. Will upload for this weekend! Will post here. -Nate "The Artist formerly known as Airgun Channel"


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    Welcome! I've done business with TPS, and they provided outstanding service. During the more recent pellet scarcity when most other sites were sold out, and the few that were not had jacked up their prices, TPS had the pellets I needed and, unlike the other few companies with higher priced pellets, TPS sold them at the original prices.
    Hey guys, glad to finally have joined the AGN community. Thank you for the kind words, while we are currently only e-commerce based, we are looking for a brick and mortar location. In the mean time feel free to contact us and even stop by to take a look at some of the guns or pick up your order and save on shipping! We absolutely love this community and all the wonderful people we have met!