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Please welcome KalibrGun to our list of fine partners!!


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    Please join me in giving a warm welcome to Kalibrgun!


    Hello Airgun Nation!

    As the world changes so do our methods of reaching people. We are proud to partner with Airgun Nation and we look forward to your feedback, comments, pictures, and interaction. This year we are releasing some new airguns, as well as updating some well known models.

    KalibrGun Valdy EU s.r.o., is the development and production company of pre-charged airguns for hunting, sports and leisure in bullpup and standard designs. Elegant design, the best materials, innovative technologies and workmanship are important features of all our products. The quality of our products, reliability and accuracy are legendary. Our modern plant in Europe, Czech Republic is equipped with the latest CNC machines and top experts from around the world. We are well known as a brand and have representatives in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa.

    Our airguns deliver absolute precision, quality, reliability and unforgettable feelings.

    Learn more about our products at kalibrgun.com


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    The synthetic is wood it’s just sprayed 

    with similiar materials as a truck bed liner ...if you shouldered a cricket and felt how the weight centers itself to point of aim you’d never go back .its the most comfortable stock I’ve shot and that’s with a heavy Hawke sidewinder scope on top.this new model with cocking lever in the forward position is going to be a game changer ✌🏻