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Ordered and received a Discovery scope from china. LOL...what a trip!


Jun 25, 2015
Toad Suck, AR
    This Discorey is not a mispelling. It is a knockoff counterfeit of the real Discovery Optics line.

    But it was DISCOVERY Optics video, so they are using counterfeit scopes in their own video? That wouldn't make much sense to me.

    I believe that is how, phonetically, a Chinese would pronounce "Discovery". There is no "v" in Mandarin, so it is silent when pronounced. They just wrote it the way they say it. Probably an early production video, so I wouldn't be overly concerned.

    I know this because I have eaten in literally dozens of Chinese restaurants!!! My credentials are impeccable.


    Jun 1, 2016
    NC, United States
      "I have eaten in literally dozens of Chinese restaurants!!!"

      LOL....me too and I really like the "flied lice"!

      Anywhoo......here is an update after using the Discovery VT-2 4-16x50 SFIR-N for a while.

      So far the VT-2 has held up on my mildly tuned .177 HW95 (about 12.5fpe). Just for grinns I just compared the 4-16x50 Discovery side by side to my 5-15x50 Hawke Panorama (about 10 minutes ago) and the optics of the Panorama are somewhat better than the Discovery when aiming at small black squares on paper at a short 18 yards. The Discovery at 16x has a narrower field of view than the Panorama at 15x, the eye placement of the Discovery is more critical than the Panorama, and the Discovery doesn't "snap in and out" of focus as nicely as the Panorama. I do have to mention that the side focus Discovery was about $80 cheaper than the Hawke Panorama so perhaps the slightly better optics of the Hawke is to be expected, or perhaps I'm simply making excuses for ordering a scope directly from China. Also, while I consider the Hawke Panorama to be rather heavy at a bit over 22 ounces, the Discovery is even heavier at about 24 ounces

      The Discovery is a rather long scope with the perforated sun shade mounted and I actually shortened the sun shade about 1/4" so the scope would mount on my HW95 receiver with a reasonable eye relief. LOL.....I even painted the silly blue colored flip up lens covers black..........

      I fitted the Discovery with a modified UTG side wheel but haven't marked the wheel yet. Actually, I do like the side focus and reticle, however I normally use the Panorama with front AO simply because the optics are a bit crisper and the Panorama seems to snap in and out of focus quicker than the Discovery which is a benefit for shooting hunter class field target matches where "scope range finding" is important.

      Here is my HW95 with 5-15x50 Hawke Panorama that I'm currently using with no sun shade.............