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Cameras Opinions on scope cam mounts - Side Shot or Tactacam ( or others? )

. . . toying with the idea of getting one of these. I just quick googled a little on the tactacam and it looks like that's a no go for scopes with illuminated reticles? Two of mine ( of three ) are illuminated - the 3rd one is not. 'Twould appear a lot of folks use the side shots - a quick google on those reveals - kinda pricey. :( Sticking with the sideshots though - they work with just about any type of smart phone - iphone and/or android devices y/n? ( mine happens to be a galaxy s9 )

You're up . . . go. :)
I have all three of the systems. They all work well. I like the simplicity of the tactacam. I think the go pro system is some what over priced. Short battery life so you probably need more then one battery. If it’s set up correctly it probably gives the best images. It’s rugged and well made. The side shot with the phone is probably the best priced system. It is bigger and some what cumbersome to use .

once you have the tactacam set up (and it’s probably the easiest to set up )you literally can push one button to record.

One thing that I think that has not been addressed the better the rifle scope the better the results. I’d love to shoot thru a real high end scope . Also adjusting the focus ( parallax ) and the ocular makes a BIG difference and is one of the hardest things to do (or it was for me) 

Some one want to loan me a nightforce I’d (rent it? ) And report back 
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I use the gopro 4 silver with a sideshot and it was cost effective. Only thing outside of the sideshot I bought was a different lens and overall it was very affordable. I like how crisp the image is and how quick it is to respond. Yes drawb8is battery life but for $30 I got 3 nee high capacity batteries that work well.
I too have the Tactacam. I used all last winter will hunting. It's solid and easy to operate. The battery has a 2 hour life, and that's if you leave on constantly. The pause feature is very handy. You need a scope with a long eye relief. Mine is mounted on an Arken SH-4 with a 3.1 to 4" eye relief. It's not heavy and I forget it's there sometimes.