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One of my better idea’s. Or so I say, you?

I find hunting that at times I need increased elevation. Here is what I came up with. Self explanatory but short of it is I cut the front legs off of a step stool so I can shoot off the roof of my TAHOE 

I showed it to a buddy he said the only thing missing is an umbrella and a cigar. LOL. Shade would be nice? Actually my dream is a tow behind man lift. With a cover . You know if you sprinkle enough money on a project or problem you have a good chance of solving it. I used it some this evening. Worked good BUT I was thinking a fellow better not drift off to sleep and fall of the darned thing. Old guys nod off. You young guys just wait .
It depends only on how the laws are written and to some degree how they are interpreted. The word fire has lots of meanings. Is a 177 springer a “fire arm”? How about a 357 Texan? In Pa they both are considered fire arms. Because they fire a projectile not excused because there is no heat. My device is not allowed to shoot off of. I could use it to legally spot from as long as I don’t shoot off it. The one place I really need it is on private property and way off the beaten path. Just saying.


Dec 4, 2017
Pa, United States
    Well that’s certainly a firearm on top of your vehicle in your pic. If you’re gonna do illegal stuff, I wouldn’t post pics on the internet. You can’t shoot a bow or arrow gun from a vehicle either in Pa. It’s just about safety. It must be about the vehicles safety because most of the accidents I hear about involve the vehicle getting shot.