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Old Bushnell scope line hierarchy?

Hi I recently started getting into discontinued Bushnell scopes and have been lucky enough to grab a few cool ones. I don't know where they compare to the current line-up though. How would you rank the following (all with AO)? Bushnell trophy japan 4 - 12, Legend 5-15 x 40, Elite 4200 4-16 x 50, Sportview/Sportchief/Banner (all Japan), Bushnell AR line. I had a Nitro and Engage earlier but sold them. I thought they were okay, but I wouldn't pay full price for them.
 Google Bushnell, there is a post all about the older and newer Bushnell scopes and their rankings and hierarchy.

Back in the day it was Scopechiefs,the Elite was always a top scope,,,,Banner is so so.

You are looking for Japanese glass,, oh the older Legend I like a lot.Stay away from Sportsview.the AR is ok.

Come to think about it I have all of those...my pick is the Elites,people know that so cost is high,the older Legends are great,Banners is as low as I would go,fact is stay away from all the lower line...btw I never pay full price,I buy used most of the time...



    The 4200 was the top tier scope at one time. They are still a very desirable scope today. Bushnell teamed with B&L started the elite line up with the B&L 3000 & 4000, then came the Elite 3200 & 4200 & the B&L name was dropped. I use to own the 3200 with firefly reticle, had it mounted on a TC 22 K hornet. What a tack driver it was! The very first legend ultra HD series scopes are excellent scopes IMO! Bushnell claimed they have ED glass in that series & by the clarity & resolution I believe they do.

    I now own a new legend series 3-9x40 with illuminated dot ret & the new Bushnell prime 3.5-10x36 AO. Both are inexpensive scopes! But with that said, they are both very bright and there is no bleeding in the windage & elavation like alot of scopes in there price range.
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