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NEWBIE to PCP rifles first significant air rifle purchase at Talon Tunes.

New PCP Rifle Purchase experience.

I recently bought an FX Impact Compact from Talon Tunes. I had a good talk with Tony prior to the purchase. He guided me through some different makes and models. I had it narrowed down to 3 prior to my contacting Talon Tunes I decided on the FX Compact. Received the rifle and it included a target, chrony data and a Tunes T Shirt. I had a great experience with Talon Tunes. I would purchase from them again. I am new guy when it comes to the PCP rifles and I appreciated his assistance. I have been shooting springers and air pumpers since the 1960's and have been involved in the firearm industry for over 20 years. Great job Tony, and Talon Tunes.