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Tuning New valve for my raw 25 hm1000x

I decided to make a peek valve and a metal one piece poppet today to see if that would solve my slow leak about 150 bar in a week it was loosing since I went to peek poppet made the stem shorter than the original and mad the valve with about .005 smaller throat gun was set at about 910 fps at 125 bar reg setting everything is back together and no changes to the ssg or spring setting and didn't touch the reg getting about 920 fps now shot cycle sounds shorter to using 34 gr jsb huma reg and a 25 cc power plenum 

25cc power plenum and Huma reg pre air force 25 cal getting my chassis back from being painted so I'll get it back in that with power plenum I didn't inlet the stock just the chassis for it I'll get some pick with it together and a new helos gen2 ffp on it too Ive been waiting for chassis for a long time to be painted can't wait to take it and shoot it besides just over the chrono 

I haven't check efficiency yet I'm getting 10 fps faster without any adjustments I was getting about 60 shots at 910 ish with 34 gr jsb MK2 with peek poppet and regular valve 3600 psi fill the valve stem is probably some where between a 1/16 to 1/8 inch shorter than the stock valve stem 60 gram hammer and 125 bar reg setting using a Huma reg my raw reg needs rebuilding which I've got parts for but haven't rebuilt it yet Huma is about 12 to 15 fps es on 60 shots can get a few more off the reg but only about 3 to 4 spread opens to 15 to 20 then yeah been waiting for my chassis to get back also but am going to check the shot string and count first though been shooting my impact in between waiting 
I got 50 shots with huma reg set on 125 and shooting 920 I rebuilt the raw reg and installed it set to 120 bar about averaging 895 with 34 gr fx pellets so I'll have to test it with the raw reg yet set at lower pressure but I got it together today probably going to sell the huma hm pre air force gun reg