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New to me, Derrick's .25 Custom Cricket Mini first outing

Derrick made me an offer I couldn't refuse, so I acquired one of his custom master pieces. I'll link to it's beginnings here.


She's changed a little since that post. He has since installed the power plenum.The Sumo would no longer fit with the extended air tube, so he went with the smaller diameter Koi for a great fit. And she's shooting the 33.95 gr MK2's around 905-910 fps. Nice and quiet, only hear the ping of the hammer in your ear.


These are my very first shots with it. I zeroed at 28 yds to start with and then took it to 40 yds and then 100 yds.

Derrick sent two mags with the MK2's already loaded in them. They were extremely tight in the mag and shot a bit tighter than my Edgun MK2's. So I shot a group at 28 yds with the pellets he delivered and a group with mine to show how much better tighter his grouped. Also decided to try some FX Hybrids and some Nielson 34 gr Dimple nose. I must say the slugs shocked me? This is the first gun I've had to shoot slugs half way decent! The 33.95 Edgun pellets running around 905 fps, but the 34 gr Nielson only 844 fps. The 26 grain FX Hybrids around 950 fps and the 25.39 JSB's flew at 1013 fps. Forgot to get a group with them, but they did ok at 40 yds.

Here's my very first groups at just 28 yds after putting the scope on and zeroing.


Then decided to take her out to 40 yds and try the Hybrids and Nielsons. I was beside myself as they both shot group size almost indentical, other than the Hybrids drifted right and the Nielson's drifted left? I'm a very happy camper with that as I've never owned a gun that didn't look like a scatter gun with them? Maybe this will motivate me to get into slugs?


I had some old targets still sitting in the bullet trap at 100 yds. They were shot up pretty good but I wanted to see if I could get on paper with the slugs. So I maxed out the vertical on the scope elevation and went to it. The Hybrids outdid the Nielson's this go around. Got a 1.45" group with the Nielson's and a sweet 1.25" group with the Hybrids. I need to put out some new targets and try this again. I'm stoked! I had some shots before the group where I was trying to get on paper


This is the very first 100 yard group I shot with this rifle with my Edgun MK2's. Already broke the one inch barrier with it! Wowzer. Thank you Derrick! And four of the five shots were 1/2" ctc.


I'm not crazy about the butt stock as it's hard to hold steady in the rear bag. Need to figure out a better rear bag set up. Also was using a bipod that I'm not comfy with also. Gotta get a better bipod and might even get some FX No Limits rings so I don't have to max out scope elevation at the 100 mark. The limits to this gun today were me and the bipod/bag set up. I see some good groups in the future with this baby.

That thing is killing it with heavy pellets at 100yrds. I’m sure it shoots a ragged hole at 50 with those pellets also. Those are the type of groups that give you great confidence when you have to calculate for different distances or wind. Those Crickets are impressive.

That was early morning, then later this evening it all went kapoot? There was low to zero wind this morning, then after lunch it picked up a bit and couldn't get it to group like early morning? My backyard is notorious for doing crazy things with the least amount of wind?

So , I decided to do six (5 shot) groups at 46 yards since that's where I have my bullet trap set from the back porch. Only averaged 0.70 inches for the six groups with 0.59" being the best and 0.83 being the worst. I was disappointed to say the least?

Then I grabbed my FX500 and gave her a whirl. She fared a little better with a 0.615" group avg for the six groups.

So, I says ok and grabbed the Boss lets see how she handles this. Got a nice 0.375" group avg with the highest group being 0.50 inches and lowest at a stunning 0.22 inches. The two FX's put the Cricket mini in 3rd place???? Holy crap?

I got to thinking and I know my .22 Cricket pup is a shooter, so I grabbed it and went to work. Jeesh, it came in second right behind the Boss with a 0.492 inch avg for five groups. I let it get below the regulated pressure on one group, but even if I counted that group it would be a 0.542 avg.

Then I grabbed my little 28 fpe Vulcan and did the six groups with it as well.

She averaged 0.752 inches for the six groups and came in last place, but I know it's sometimes a little harder for the lower power guns to buck the wind like the higher powered ones.

So, lets recap Winner and 1st place at 46 yards in wind. FX Boss shooting 44.75 gr at 77fpe avg 0.375 inches for six (5 shot) groups.

2nd place .22 cal Cricket pup shooting 18.1 gr at 42fpe avg 0.492" for 5 groups and 0.542" for six groups if I include the one with low air.

3rd place FX 500 shooting 25.39 gr at 45 fpe avg 0.615 inches for six (5 shot) groups.

4th place Cricket mini shooting 33.95 MK2's at 62 fpe avg 0.703 inches for six (5 shot) groups.

5th place .22 Vulcan shooting 18.1 gr at 28 fpe , avg 0.752 inches for six (5 shot) groups.


Boss top row, Mini 2nd row, FX500 3rd row, Cricket pup 4th row, Vulcan bottom row


Back to the drawing board or wait for a calmer day? Time like this I wish I had a least a 40 or 50 yd indoor range.

I gotta post the good with the bad! I think I'll do a separate post on this adventure!
I usually try and stay away from the wind myself. It is frustrating.

But I sat here and got to thinking.......

I probably shot close to 50 slugs today and maybe 100 pellets. I don't know how fast they foul a barrel (the slugs)? So, I whipped out the Ballistol and some patches and went to work. First three patches I dampened with Ballistol . Pulled it through with the PatchWorm and the first pass or two was really dirty and had a few lead flecks on the patch as well. I did 3 patches wet, front and back and 3 dry front and back. Hopefully she'll be back to being a laser tomorrow?


I want to say mine has an LW barrel, but I cant be certain. To be honest, I never really thought about it.

I need to do a shoot out with that and my FX Boss though and see how they hold up against each other.

Hmmm, maybe I'm thinking of one of Ernest Rowe's custom jobs with the FX barrel on a Cricket?

Would love to see the Cricket and Boss go head to head!
Nice... not sure if that one is mine or not. He actually had two .30 conversions at that time and I snagged one of them. If I remember right, one had an LW barrel and one had a ST barrel. I just dont remember which one I ended up with. I'm sure I have the specs in email somewhere on it though!

Edit.... mine has the LW barrel. He had another with a ST that he sold before I got that one! haha
Nice... not sure if that one is mine or not. He actually had two .30 conversions at that time and I snagged one of them. If I remember right, one had an LW barrel and one had a ST barrel. I just dont remember which one I ended up with. I'm sure I have the specs in email somewhere on it though!

Edit.... mine has the LW barrel. He had another with a ST that he sold before I got that one! haha

Wow, didn't know he had two of them. Woke up to rain here in Burgaw this morning. Hope it fizzles out so I can shoot! The Mini has to redeem herself with that clean barrel.
Jimmy, congrats on the gun. You know how I feel about the Mini, great platform. Derrick does great work from what I have seen. Question, what caliber is the Koi?

Christian, I just slugged the Koi with a .30 cal pellet to check, so must be a .30 cal Koi. And she's back on track with the accuracy this morning after the barrel cleaning. Loving it.
Jimmy, be very careful of that bipod. I bought one not long after they cam out. Terrible mistake!

the locking tabs are very soft and wear quickly. It dumped a very nice thumbhole stocked custom barreled RS II right off the bench. Issue is, you can't really see the wear on the tabs until you either remove the legs or just wait until it fails. GRRRR!!!

I've really gone thru it with bipods. Started like everyone else with the Harris Hated the spring twang and only one open position. . My Wife thought I was crazy, but I finally poned up for a Accu-Tac. Man, it is solid as a rock and so easy to adjust. Only regret is that I didn't spend a bit more and order the wide body. Double GRRRRR!

It is the SR-5 G2. Very stable! Your guns are far too nice to risk Jimmy. ;<)