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New SPA Artemis PP750


I want one of them new heavy duty cocking levers for my 750, 'cause my arthritic fingers and thumb are having trouble grabbing that skinny little lever!

Consider this an official complaint! 

If someone doesn't help me out, I intend to contact the DNC and the RNC, declare myself a minority of "Hindu-Arkansas Osage Indian Tribe" extraction, and claim violation of U.S. Government treaties with both India, and the Arkansas Osage Indian Council...

If that doesn't work, I'm dialing up Washington DC, and talking to Nancy about being my civil rights being violated as an undocumented Central American Osage Indian descendant. (...technically speaking, that's not a lie, as Arkansas is in the central section of America) If push comes to shove, I'll take the bus to Mexico and cross the border illegally...THEN I'll get some attention.

Worse comes to worst, the least I can expect is some packages of free cheese, and a couple lbs. of surplus government butter!


Kindly 'Ol Uncle Hoot

PS: All this can be avoided by someone contacting me with purchase info...

PS: PS: "Hindu" is a religion. "Hindi" is a language.

Someone send that sick old man a piece of wood and tell him its the new cocking handle for his pea shooter. Tell him to whittle on that wood with a very small pocket knife to make it fit to his liking...He can't have a regular size pocket knife. His parole officer would have a fit,Yes he is a criminal, He was caught at the Mexican border passing out one way Greyhound tickets to Canada , Yes his friend Nancy stepped in and had him released from his 60 year sentence to six months Parole...

I think he is a Mutant, Or shot a Mutant, Not sure how that went.

I get my PP750 in 22 caliber Thursday, I screwed up on the exchange rate from Poland or somewhere and paid to much. I am in the USA. Right in the middle, TEXAS.

This is my 1st PCP pistol, Been in the PCP bullpups for over 10 years so not new to PCPs , Oh I got Zorakis , Crossmans 1377, Tempest, 3or 4 P 17 and a P 11 thats a burger to shoot.

Is there Anything that I am going to really need for this pistol except air and pellets??? If its loud I will be scrambling around to stick something on the end of it, Really hate to make it as long as my bullpups but i do need to keep the noise down, Looks like the go to place for parts and stuff is 

airguns archery 


Between the 8" barrel, small plenum and 3mm ports it tough to break 12 FPE.

I opened all the ports, epoxied the channel around the barrel transfer port, aligned barrel transfer port, bored out plenum and extra 1.5mm, channels in the hammer, peek poppet, polished reg... only got me to 775 fps 13.6 FPE with the 10.34 and 825fps with JSB 8.4 in a decent 26 shot string. Dropped the scope to 1.3" above bore, reduced velocity to 750 with the JSB 8.4 for 30 shots within 1.6%. It's making 1/4" groups at 25 yds and super quiet. Already blooded in with a rat and a hosp, I will be operating in this range for a while, PP750 is great at 10-35 yards.


Your 30 shots at 750 fps with JSB 8.4 is exactly the tune I want to achieve. Can you tell me the dimensions of each port you opened? TIA.