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New member from Ontario


Sep 22, 2022
    Hello AGN, new member from Ontario, Canada here.
    Four decades of experience mostly powder burners, getting back into air rifles after a long break.
    Currently have a Benji Maximus and a Stoeger x10 springer, looking forward to either an Avenger or Cayden!
    I'd love an FX but huge $$ here.
    Twenty years ago I had an Air Arms S300 which was simply amazing, used it for Field target at informal club matches.

    Looking forward to chatting with you and getting new ideas.

    Welcome, glad you're here. FX is huge money in the States, too. Before choosing Avenger or Cayden, please check out the DAR Generation 3 and the JTS Airacudu Max. $100 dollar off coupons can be found for the DAR Generation 3, however, I'd hold out for the JTS. They've recently reported sailing from China after being delayed for months. Search the archives for more info, also Casino7095 did a DAR Generation 3 video in May, I'd check it out. Best of Luck, WM


    Feb 24, 2018
      Welcome. I’ve got the Maximus and keep it close by in case I have a critter problem that needs to be handled quickly. It’s not heavy and quite accurate. Somehow several others have appeared in my closet. I enjoy the classics very much.

      Rick H.
      It is a well known fact that rifles and pistols get lonely. The only solution is to purchase more.
      @H4895 Hello and welcome to AGN from across the border. Lots of good information around here. Some excellent posts about the best PCP's and compressor options are available. Enjoy this rabbit hole and set a budget, you are going to need it!
      Thank you, and yes I can see it's easy to spend a ton of cash on pcp..
      In Canada we don't have quite the options as elsewhere due to some rather silly rules; my Maximus in .22 is a LOT of fun - wife and kids love it but I'd like the next step up in quality.
      The A.V Avenger is 430 Cdn dollars, and then a Turkish rifle (Benji Cayden or Kral) starts around 750..
      I plan to read the posts here to help decide whether or not a Turkish rifle is almost twice the quality of a Chinese one for the price.
      Welcome from South of the border by 3-4 hours drive, I've spent quite a bit of my 70 years of summertime life in the Georgian Bay area, and I'm aware of the rules constricting the use of air rifles as well as any firearm.... but sadly, this is the world we exist in. I seem to recall reading elsewhere of air rifles' restrictions of much lower velocities in Canada.
      I noticed the mention of Avenger and the Turk Benji guns. I owned an Avenger for a month or so, it performed admirably, but leaked air and got returned. I then acquired a Cayden, similar in design to the Avenger and equally a great - possibly better shooter and holds air for long stints between my shooting sessions. The Cayden does/will need a moderator attached if you care to not alert the neighbors or authorities, and even with moderation it's not whisper quiet, and it makes the rifle longer than you may want to handle?
      Good luck with any decision.
      I am American but my lineage is Canadian. The "Truckers for Freedom" protests going on in the winter/spring seemed very powerful to me. Especially seeing Americans and Canadians meeting at the border in solidarity and exchanging flags, etc.

      Also happy to see that Mr Trudeau has decided to let me and my family once again visit Canada starting next week. I liked to go skiing up there before things got weird a few years ago.