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New lower pricing on new AGT Uragan1


Nov 29, 2018
Georgia, United States
    New price reduction, $1,350.oo. I have two new .25 Uragan 1, and one .22 each with the synthetic stock on sale. These guns will come with a fully accurized barrel, a foster fitting on the fill probe, a crownsaver pull through to properly clean the barrel. It will also have a five group 40 yard test target showing pellets used and velocity's for each group. Each gun will also come with my free lifetime reseal warranty and a two night leak check before shipping. I am also throwing in an extra (third) magazine with this offer. Any of the above for $1,350.oo
    Charlie Frear, Georgia Airguns
    [email protected]


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    Hell of a time for me to not have a spare $1450
    😅I see stuff like this and think...man someone is about to lose alot time and money invested in those(whatever the post entails)
    I thought about selling off a slinger once....for about 5 seconds🤣I can't; not any that I have now. None of them are the same.
    If I do find another of one I already have for sale for cheap, I'm gunna get that and have a whole gun of spare parts🤷‍♂️