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New from Western Airguns = Sidewinder Semi/Full Auto air rifle with new REMOVEABLE MAGAZINE!


Mar 30, 2015
AZ, United States
    With all the excitement of the EBR registration, we almost forgot to share today's news from Western Airguns! Check out the Press Release on the Western Sidewinder, and check out the new removable magazine design and extended accessory rail! Excellent engineering and a great solution to quickly reloading a semi/full auto airgun!

    Press Release
    Aug 3, 2022 ‐ Western Airguns announces the all new SIDEWINDER Semi/Full Auto air rifle
    with new REMOVEABLE MAGAZINE and full length accessory rail.



    The new Western Airgun Sidewinder select fire semi or full auto air rifle will storm the airgun scene in the Fall of 2022! The Western Sidewinder's unique air delivery system combines a blend of high power and accuracy with fast rate of fire in semi‐automatic or full‐automatic with the flip of a switch at the back of the breech block. The all new Western Sidewinder rifle's velocity control wheel can regulate pellet or slug speeds from quiet back yard target shooting to power levels capable of Coyote size game depending on the caliber choice. The Sidewinder incorporates a newly designed, removable magazine system that holds 15 shots in 22 caliber, 15 shots in 25 caliber, and 12 shots in 30 caliber. This provides the shooter with the convenience of quick changes in the field or on the firing line. The Sidewinder's picatinny scope rail is mounted on top of a full length tactical barrel cover that accepts side rails for accessories like lasers, red dots or lights. A bottom rail for bipod mounting is rigidly mounted beneath the 580cc bottle. Accuracy with both slug and pellet ammo is provided by a regulated action and a USA made TJ hammer forged barrel. The AR compatible grip allows for shooter customization for a comfortable fit. Just like the snake, the Western Sidewinder air rifle is fast, light and hits hard!

    Available: Fall of 2022
    MSRP: $1999.99

    We have a little more information on our site as well:

    Airguns of Arizona


    Apr 9, 2021
      I also wonder if they do a .177, and if it will be the same shot count as larger calibers, a thing that are seen in some semi like the Leshy 2
      I think that even if i was not locked into the .177 calibers by people that think of them self as my masters, well i still think it would be a interesting caliber for me.

      I must commend that this apparently come with a long rail under the bottle, and so make it possible for us that like a bipod way forward on the rifle.
      I just "dislike" the rifles that come with 1.5" of rail right in front of the trigger


      Jan 15, 2020
      Queretaro, Mexico
        Much more atractive than the Rattler. Doubtless!

        Please, please, try to include a super trigger, like the one of the Daystate Renegade!!!! That would improve even more the accuracy of this rifle!!!

        Please also confirm that it is not a facial hair depilación machine.

        This one in. 30 or. 25 Cal (not decided yet) will be my next rifle.
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        People like you are why we have to worry about our sport being stomped on by gun-hating bureaucrats. Why don’t YOU keep your politics to yourself.
        Peoplie like me ? :rolleyes:

        You clearly do not understand the rules of no politics on the forum, and paddle your paranoia and conspiracy theories.
        You CLEARLY don’t understand how gun-grabbers work 😂……..hey unpollo2, try to have this “only 90 fpe max” AIR rifle shipped to the democrat utopia of New Jersey. Let me know how that works out for you.
        you CLEARLY are quoting an already existing law that prevents this so what's the point?

        the original poster was AFRAID of this type of gun generating more legislation to hinder the airgun community. you bring up an already existing law in a state well before the development of this gun. congratulations you proved nothing in terms of this gun having an effect on legislation.

        now if some new law comes out stating the semi-auto/full-auto airguns are too powerful and need to classified as such THEN AND ONLY THEN do you have a point, but until then you should just keep quiet.
        Looks awesome, I know the removable magazine is something people have really wanted. I wish you gentleman & ladies would move along and stick to the positive and negative regarding the actual design and features of this "Airrifle", not firearm. (The rules of the forum clearly state no political discussions)