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Cameras Need a Good iPhone video app recommendation

Hey all, I finally am taking the beginning plung into scope cam footage with purchasing a side-shot scope cam phone set up. I will be using my iPhone XR to start with, then down the road I will probably go it’s Orion’s adapter mount. 

For now though the iPhone it is, and can anyone recommend a good video/movie app to use for the shots.

All recommendations welcome, and if I have to pay, I pay.
I don't have any phone apps to recommend for footage.

I can recommend post processing. I have used Magix formerly known as Sony Vegas movie studio. I had a lot of problems with it over time. Including installation and upgrades. I liked it for years until I tried Adobe. 

It seems Adobe Premiere Pro is my favorite. 

As long as you can capture on a phone or camera in the correct speed(frame rate 30fps, 60fps, 128,240,etc), format and resolution, most post processing apps can work with it to make corrections afterwards. 

I've found endless tutorials for post processing for Adobe Premiere Pro. One of my favorites is Adobe In a minute https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCCOCVxg0ZiLo6GQ0xctkM7g

When my camera shooting is off by angle I can edit the angle of the video, post process, I can also zoom in on individual clips and alter them for angle or even slow motion. 



Apr 23, 2020
Idaho, United States
    Good morning and thanks everyone. @sorensd Last night I discovered I had already Pro-movie and I use LumaFusion on my iPad Pro for the film editing I have done for my travel youtube vlog.

    @icycrosshairs and @peeweedaddy I have used iMovie and Splice on my phone in the past. I do the splicing on iMovie and then the final on Splice. This is a video I did that way from a castle in Denmark north of Aarhus, @sorensd I am sure is familiar with it, Kaloe. Not airgunning at all, but I as kind of proud of this video.